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Monday 27th of June – Channel 4, 10pm – Sirens

Tonight Channel 4 are showing the first episode (of six) of Sirens, the TV series based upon my books.

I am quite nervous.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that is making me nervous though. To be honest I’ve had very little to do with the actual production besides writing the books and blog that it is based on.  My role has largely been to cast my eye over the draft scripts and make some suggestions, some of which have actually turned up in the finished programmes.

Certainly I like the scripts that I’ve been sent, and I like the first two episodes that I’ve seen and I think that the writers have nailed the ambulance experience.

So if it is received well then I can bask in some reflected glory, and if it is panned, then I can distance myself and say ‘Nuffink to do with me guv’. Additionally I get paid whether it does well or not – and hopefully it’ll sell more of my books (For which there is a TV tie-in omnibus edition)

But I hope that it does well, because everyone who I’ve met around this production has been really nice and I think that they deserve it.


There is one thing that is building my nervousness, and that is how it’s been marketed by Channel 4. Don’t get me wrong, I love the little teaser trailers that they have made for the programme, but I imagine that it is easy to think that the programme is similar to Campus or Green Wing, which it really isn’t.  It’s a drama with some comedy in it but that is a subject for another blogpost.