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Paperless Fail

I have a slight problem in the way in which I conduct my life and the way in which it impacts my job.

For the past year I have been trying to go as paperless as possible, that means things like having utility and bank statements sent via email. For those businesses that don’t do email statements I scan them into my computer, file them away, back them up and shred the originals. If you want to see last January’s gas bill I can pull it up on my phone and show you. Likewise if you want to see a pile of shredded paper I can show you that.

The problem is that I have a new job (Something I’ll be writing about once my feet are under the table a bit more), and with a new job comes things like brand new ID cards, smart-cards, parking permits – that sort of administrative faff that is apparently essential but, for those of us not used to office work, rather annoying.

But why am I having problems? Well along with this faff comes the instructions on many of these forms that I need to provide ‘Two utility statements, a rent statement and a bank statement’, presumably to make sure that I am who I say I am and that I’m not trying to sneak away with a parking permit I shouldn’t have.

(As an aside – Newham’s business parking permit needs such specific forms of ID I’m surprised that they don’t also ask for security clearance from MI5).

All of which puts me in a bit of a bind because I don’t have any paper statements – I can show you my forms over the internet, on my phone or print them out for you – but if a bit of paper comes from my printer rather than the ones the energy companies use… well tough luck and try again.

This means that for part of today I have been emailing banks and utility companies asking them to send me a paper statement…

Paperless working – it only works as long as you don’t have to fill in any forms.