Blokes With Bandages 4 – Role Models

Role Models

In the final part of my series of whinging, moaning and general grumpiness I'd like to look at the one thing that road staff truely have no-one to blame except themselves.

Where are our role models?

It took Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and others like them to start to drag nursing up from it's roots as a 'Doctor's Handmaiden' into a profession of it's own.

Likewise you have Sir Robert Peel and his effect on policing, Elizabeth Fry and her prison reforms and countless scientists from Gallelio up to Prof. Brian Cox and Dr. Ben Goldacre.

So, who is the role model, the innovator, the spiritual leader of the ambulance services?

Josh from Casualty – a fictional character?

What name do we think of when we, as a profession, ask ourselves – who is the paragon of ambulance work, who is the person we should aspire to be like?

I can't think of anyone who fills those shoes and the people who I think are great EMS are rarely heard from.

I think that it is about time that we started looking for role models, or start aspiring to be one ourselves.

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