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My bookmarks for January 21st through February 22nd

These are my links for January 21st through February 22nd:

  • TEARDOWN – The download site for a free computerised Space Hulk game. I just wish I had a Windows laptop/partition on my Macbook to play it.
  • Photoshopping horror – A collection of tutorials in how to use photoshop to make horror type images.
  • Music type thing I may go and see. – A bloke who shares a forum I use is playing a gig. I may well turn up as it’s on my patch.

Coming In June

Available for pre-order from Amazon right now.

Just thought that I’d let people know and that if you buy it from the linked picture above then I get even more money from my Amazon associate deal. If you buy more than one copy then I get double the money.

It also makes a wonderful gift for all the family, your neighbours and workmates and strangers in the street.

More on this once my brain reforms itself from doing an impression of a puddle on the floor.

Gibbon Portrait

Gibbon Portrait, originally uploaded by Random_Reality.

The second of my ‘Photo a day’ posts, as per my New Year resolution. I have no idea how long this is going to last, but as long as I have a few good pictures in the archives I should be able to manage.

This photo was taken at Honolulu zoo and is of a Gibbon. I love the expression on his face as he looks up to the sky.