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I'm on night shifts at the moment – all I want to do is curl up and die somewhere warm that is away from people that find themselves awake at three in the morning and who are so worried about a runny nose they have had for the past two weeks they decide that they need an ambulance now



I've decided to commit myself to a Podcast – just audio at the moment and very unpolished, not only because I'm no an expert in such things, but also because I have limited time and resources.

Rumours that I only did this after drinking a full bottle of wine are unfounded.

I will warn you – not only have I the face for radio, but I sadly don't actually have the voice for radio either.

To start with these podcasts will consist of a few minutes of me talking about whatever is on my mind followed by the complete reading (in episodes) of my first book. All coming in at around half an hour, which I think is a reasonable length. There are all sorts of things to be sorted out, like if I think a soundbed is a good idea or not – and if I want to do an enhanced iPod version.

When the second book is due to be released I'll read that as well. I'll record it as part of the copyediting process.

Please be aware I am obviously not a performer. Although with some luck I may get better with both practice and sobriety.

You can download the first episode from here – and if you are clever and have a podcast catcher, the RSS feed is here.


Ok, Monday's question is this – Who is your favourite band/type of music/musician and why? I ask because I like all sorts of music and can't put a find on why. I'd make an awful music journalist – not least because I'm not an elitist tosser, nor am I swayed by hype.

Mail On Sunday


If you have just come here from the Mail on Sunday you may be interested to know that you can reach over three years worth of writing from the archive links on the right of your screen. If you are looking to find a (very) cheap offer on my book then Amazon are doing a very good deal.

Despite the impression that the article may give, I have a whale of a time doing my job and I tend to write about it on an almost daily basis. East London is an interesting area and while I don't do anything 'heroic' I do try my best to help as many people as possible.

Feel free to explore this site, and the many more blogs that are even more interesting than mine.

-Tom Reynolds


A while ago I read my posts and published them as podcasts.  It ended up taking too much time and was impossible to do while blogging from work, so I had to stop.

However – if you cast your eyes over to the sidebar you will spot a new icon Talkr Icon.  This clever little thingy converts my RSS feed into an audio RSS feed.  Copy and paste that link into your podcaster software and you will get a pretty good computer generated reading of my posts.

If I were clever I’d know how to add a “Listen to this article” link at the bottom of each of my posts – but after spending some time wrestling with the Blogware templates it’s all a bit beyond me…

For anyone who is interested I’ll be at the second Open Rights meeting, although to get to it has meant that I’ve had to spend some of my annual leave to get a night off work.

If you are going, come over and say Hi.

Fiddling Around

A couple of days off work has meant that I’ve been a bit short on things to post about recently.  It comes to something when your own mother phones you up and tells you that you are slacking because of the lack of new posts.

However this has meant that I’ve had some time to ‘fiddle around’ with various behind the scenes settings, and has allowed me some time to think about the redesign of this site.

Also I’ve been working on the Podcast.

I’d also like to take this chance to say a big ‘Thank you’ to the people at Blogware, who sorted out my spam problem incredibly quickly.  Oh and also a big congratulations to Joey and The Redhead who just got married.

I flew out to Canada to celebrate Joey’s birthday – both the craziest, and most expanding thing I have ever done.

I promise, I haven’t been playing World of Warcraft (Not since some rotten sod introduced me to EVE-Online anyway, and I can level up in that while doing other things, which is great for me).

I’m back to work tomorrow, so with a bit of luck I’ll have something interesting to write about rather than ‘Went to another abdominal pain that turned out to be constipation’.

Otherwise I may have to make something up.

I have a feeling that I’ll be busy over the weekend, as there is a huge amount of overtime shifts that aren’t being covered…


It's lunchtime at the PodcastUK con, and I have managed to find a little corner to write out a blogpost.  I'm thinking that it would be a good idea to write this now, as there is a plan for a reasonable amount of (non-binge) drinking later in the evening.

The first thing that goes when I drink is my memory, then my inhibitions, then my legs…  I don't intent to lose any of these things, but my memory of recent events does tend to disappear after about half a pint of weak beer.

Because it is lunch, the most important thing is the observation that while the food is very nice looking (strange cuts of meat, lopsided rolls, bits of melon, and something that resembles a cold shish-kebab), none of it is hot.  The room the talks are taking place in are air conditioned, so I'm also a bit cold.

I've just come back from a pizza run.  Never underestimate the ability of ambulance people to find hot food and caffeine, it's all part of our special training.

The location itself (posh hotel in the middle of London) lends the event some serious gravitas, although I dread to think how much it cost to hire, especially for something that in reality is quite a small meeting.  The professionalism of this event is great, and although this is the first European Podcasting convention – it only adds to the impression that podcasting is a professional and useful part of the internet.

The actual talks have been very interesting, although I feel like a bit of a fraud being here.  So far my podcasting career has been limited to readings of my posts, and one 'proto-cast'.  Needless to say, the enthusiasm of the people here means that it is inevitable that I shall start a more regular podcast.  Keep your ears open later in the week.

I was a bit late (Hey!  I needed a bit of a lay-in in bed), and I arrived half way through a talk by a man from the BBC.

The fellow from the BBC (Chris Kimber, head of interactive radio) was interesting (despite a slightly embarrassing audio failure, that left his talk without example podcasts).  It appears that the BBC are very interested in how podcasts are shaping up, how they can complement their broadcast programmed, and how it might be possible that podcasting replaces the more traditional hospital radio route of getting into radio presenting.

There was another talk by Neville Hobson of 'for immediate release’, about how podcasting has been embraced by a wide range of business, and he has given me a few ideas that I'm going to suggest to 'important people' in 'high up places'.

There was then a very short break for coffee, where other people 'networked', something I thankfully don't have to do – I think I'm secure in my job, and I try to avoid new 'clients' as much as possible.  I keep going to these things and I always feel out of place that I’m not trying to drum up new business.

Then a talk by the creator of The Tartan Podcast (highlighting unsigned Scottish bands) about a good way to get podcast safe music into your 'cast.  Very interesting, very useful and I walked away with a free CD of an up and coming Scottish band. 

Then a talk by a journalist lecturer, who suggested some uses of podcasting to educate and inform  remedial children and community nurses ( very interesting to hear how both groups have similar problems in receiving and retaining information).

Then lunch, which brings me up to this point in the post.  The rest of this post may well be written 24 hours later and after the effects of alcohol – see if you can spot the difference.


Richard Vobes show which was performed and recorded live for us, interesting to see it put together, but the way he puts on a ‘wacky’ radio voice makes me want to stab small animals.  I’ve never heard his podcast, and I doubt I ever will. (especially because he is charging for it).

James Cridland from Virgin radio did very well against a couple of people who just didn’t think that he ‘got podcasting’.  From what I can remember of his talk, it was actually pretty well thought out, but I don’t think that the Virgin radio ‘cast is as popular as he may think it is.

More coffee, another two Red Bulls before Paul Nicholls gave pretty much the same talk I gave at Opentech.  However he is a lawyer, so I shall bow to his knowledge.  Interestingly he offered free legal advice in the field of Podcasting and libel.  One name for the address book then…

I can’t remember much else, apart from another unfunny live podcast from Simulacrum, and a small presentation from the sponsors Be who are offering 24Meg Broadband.

Then I found myself in a pub with a load of great people, even though one of them dragged me away from a Steakhouse and into a fancy Japanese restaurant.  But I like steak…

Ambulance stuff tomorrow, and no, I’m not spending all my time in World of Warcraft, or in City of Heroes.

Posted much later than it was written – ambulance stuff tomorrow


Here is the thing.

I’ve got a friend who works with the blind and partially sighted.  Unaccessible websites drive her (rightfully) potty.

My web design skills are so poor that I’m not sure how accessible this website is for that sort of person, I’m not sure how screen readers and magnifiers cope with the design.

(I would change the design, but I haven’t a clue how to do so in order to make it more accessible).

So I had an idea, one that I don’t think anyone else is doing, and that is to podcast my reading of my posts.

Preferably at the same time I write them, but if I’m writing them at work, then as soon as I get home to where my (new) microphone is.

So if you have trouble reading my site, you can instead listen to me read it out.

So there will be two podcasts, a weekly one where I’ll talk about all different stuff, and this new one where you can get a vanilla audio version of my posts.

The feed for this is

Obviously I’ll have to fiddle around with it a bit, to get the right settings/file size/format, but hopefully it’ll be a step in the right direction towards making the internet and blogging a bit easier to use for the blind and partially sighted.

Let me know what you think.

Well…I’ve Done It

I’m often asked why I started blogging – the honest answer is that I saw a technology that was being used by other people to create great stuff, and it looked like a lot of fun.

To be honest ‘it seemed like it would be fun’ would explain a lot of my life-choices, including the whole ambulance ‘thing’.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for quite a while, and thought that it was something I’d like to do.

So I have exactly that.

My first (very rough) podcast is up there for the whole world to hear.

WARNING: This podcast was made with the worlds cheapest microphone – when/if I do another one then I’ll spring for something more expensive.

I have no ‘stings’ (the annoying “This is radio KNEX 107.1 from Montana” with a sound effect over it), I also have no ‘amusing’ sound effects and I’d really like to have a nice copyright free piece of ambient music in the background (which means I need to dig out my old sequencing software at some point).  What I do have is two great music tracks, a bit of me talking (in betwen the ‘umms’ and ‘errs’).

(I’m wondering how much work I’ll have to do on my ‘radio voice’)

My excuse for how it sounds is this – cheap equipment (a bad workman always blames his tools) and also I have no experience in this sort of thing at all.  Still my bloggin improved with practice, so hopefully this will as well.

You can get the first podcast from  the feed, for all those using podcast clients is

The music is ‘Rodeohead’ by Hard n Phirm, and ‘Introspection’ by Osymyso 

So, what do you think?

You can send your comments to, or just leave them in the comments box.  I’m looking for podcast safe music, (i.e.creative commons licensed), or places where I can download the same,  ‘radio stings’ and anything else that’ll make the show better.

Rotten eggs can be thrown when you next see me.