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Investigation Under Way

This is a terrible story, in which a 16 year old boy waited for two hours for an ambulance to transfer him from the ward he was on into the ITU ward. The reason for the wait? The three ambulances parked outside the A&E department couldn't offload their patients onto hospital trolleys, because the department was too busy.

I'm curious why the doctor couldn't arrange to push the patient the 300 yards to the ITU, granted the patient was on oxygen, but I've personally done longer and more critical transfers than this.
A Staffordshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust spokesman said: “We are supporting a complete investigation.

Which sounds familiar…

…there was an extensive investigation into events of that day. Doctor goes to patient, doesn't recognise a heart attack – calls for an 'Urgent' (not Emergency) ambulance patient then has to wait seven hours for ambulance – Ambulance trust is blamed for her death

…and said the incident was being reviewed Ambulance not available, so fire fighters (who have a defib) are sent – patient ends up dead

…and are holding an investigation. No one should have to wait half-an-hour.” Patient collapses and dies, waits 30 minutes for an ambulance

…said the service was investigating the matter. GP calls for 'Urgent' Ambulance, leaves patient and patient waits 8 hours for ambulance

They have said that an investigation into the incident is planned. Elderly woman in nursing home cuts her leg and waits 7 hours for an ambulance

Your homework is to find more of your own – just type “ambulance investigation” into your favourite news-site search box.

Investigation is underway, is normally a euphemism for “The crew have been suspended”, whether it is the crews fault or not. Gps call for a non-emergency ambulance for patients who are critically ill – then leave the patient alone in their house. Community Psychiatric Nurses refuse to visit patients, Midwives send home women who are about to give birth, nursing homes have no idea how to treat minor injuries and illnesses, people can't get to see their GP, so are told to phone for an ambulance – and the government expects us to reach children under the age of two who have runny noses before 70 year olds who have just had a stroke.

Realise that most of these complaints are because of delays in getting to patients. There is a reason for this – we are getting 'overflow' from other health services…

All the other health services have someone else to call, at all hours of the day,

GPs who are busy tell their patients to call and ambulance.

CPNs who finish their shift tell their patients to call an ambulance.

NHS Direct tell people to call an ambulance because they are scared to offer decent self-treatment advice.

GPs no longer have to go out at night, so guess what – call an ambulance.

Catheter blocked? District Nurse won't come out? Don't worry, they'll call an ambulance.

Unfortunately we don't have this luxury, the ambulance services and A&E are the 'safety net', every bad job comes down to us, and because we are the last to see people it is often seen as 'our fault'. We are overworked, underfunded, understaffed and don't have the vehicles we need. We are seen as being 'always there', both by the public and other health care providers and they can always pass their jobs down to us.

Is it any wonder so many things are 'our fault', and that our management are always 'investigating'?