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Support ORG and party! (And win cool stuff!)

It's just over a week til the Open Rights Group's Support ORG (and Party!) event, at which there will be public domain DJs, free culture goodie bags and the chance to win some really cool schwag. Our special guest speaker is the wonderful Danny O'Brien, who is always fantastic value for money and well worth coming along to see. So, if that sounds like fun, come along – it's free! Well… it's sort of free – we just ask that you bring someone who might like to become a new ORG supporter.

If you can't make it, then you can still support ORG by buying a raffle ticket for just £2.50 (link to PayPal is at the bottom of that page). Prizes up for grabs include:

* a signed copy of Code 2.0 from Lawrence Lessig

* £150 in O’Reilly book vouchers

* a signed copy of the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property from Andrew Gowers

* a signed copy of Bruce Schneier's Beyond Fear

* a set of a dozen Beatpick compilations

* a signed author's galley of Cory Doctorow's next novel, Little Brother and the opportunity to be written into it

* … and the pièce de résistance, as far as I am concerned – a 'very battered keyboard with a key missing and everything!', signed by our Patron, Neil Gaiman.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated! Buy your tickets on the night, or online via PayPal. At £2.50 each, they're a snip!

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I've just spent the last five hours trying to polish 800 words; it's not easy this writing lark when you aren't writing for a blog, but instead for a format you've never tried before.

I think I've got the 'blog post' format down pretty well, but to write for something else when you have never really studied writing is harder than you would imagine.

I'm looking forward to my 'day job' tomorrow, as I can do that job pretty easily.

Over the radio today I heard what sounded like a nasty job. It started as our Control asking for any free ambulances to deal with a 24 year old female who was having a seizure; I couldn't take it as I was dealing with my second 'maternataxi' of the day (waters intact, contractions every few hours).

After dropping off this walking, healthy and not about to give birth any time soon patient at the hospital we heard a crew 'blueing in' a 24 year old female who wasn't breathing.

I don't need to explain how this would be reported in the media as I've written enough about it in the past.

It's still a damn tragedy though.


'Sauber' – Be a dear and stop writing spam comments on my blog. I'm a bloody-minded individual and delete them all, even the ones in the archive.

There's a good chap/lass.

Sauber is one of those people who goes around blogs, leaves comments which include a link in an attempt to improve his client's Google search rankings. It's frankly anti-social and I don't want it here.

Happy Blogaversary

A quick congratulations to Merys who is just celebrating her second blogaversary. She's a close friend of mine and all round good egg. We got to know each other when she was deciding whether to become a doctor or a paramedic.
It's interesting – she has also entered the Love To Lead competition to try and win a laptop, and yet the two leading entries come from blogs that seem to have been set up purely for the purposes of entering the competition (although I think that one is about to be disqualified). It's a shame when people try to 'game' a competition – perhaps something for further thought on my Mental Kipple blog when I get home.

On The Talk Itself

So the talk went pretty well (I think so anyway). The audience mainly consisted of a load of journalism lecturers with one or two from the blooging community. So obviously I felt incredibly qualified to be there…
Thankfully I think I entertained them a bit and gave them a few things to think about. After the talk there was a workshop session and a panel discussion which I also think went well.

The very lovely (and all round top bloke) Ian Forrester videoed my talk and has posted it up for everyone to see. I don't think that I was too nervous, especially given that I don't know *anything* about journalism. But I think I need to talk Ian into getting a radio mike so that the audio is a bit better.

So fun, interesting and I hope people got some good out of it.


I don't normally 'do' memes, but given my current situation, and that I've been tagged by Mr Man's Wife I thought I would indulge…

A – Available/Single? – Not Available, happily 'luvved up' for the first time in my life.

B – Best Friend? – Don't have one really, unless you count my brother, anyway all 'friends' are resources to be used in reaching my goal of world domination.

C – Cake or Pie? – Both? To choose I'd probably go for Pie – warm and filling on a cold winter day.

D – Drink Of Choice? – Caffeinated, the more caffeine the better.

E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? – Macbook, mainly for keeping in contact with my resources for world domination.

F – Favourite Colour? – For clothing, black. Everything else, a nice shade of powder blue.

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? – Gummy bears have more capacity for torture.

H – Hometown? – London, and strangely proud of that.

I – Indulgence? – Bailey's ice cream and World of Warcraft, both at the same time may explain the lack of progress in the latter.

J – January Or February? – February, when the world starts to wake up. Or get snowed under. Either is good.

K – Kids & Their Names? – Named after where they will be conceived, Alley, Ford Cortina and Back'o'thepub.

L – Life Is Incomplete Without? – Connecting to other people

M – Marriage date? – Dunno, Engagement date will be (if going to my plan) Feb 28th 2008.

N – Number Of Siblings? – One, but a good one.

O – Oranges Or Apples? – Oranges, tastier and don't make my mouth bleed.

P – Phobias/Fears? – Used to have phobia of spiders – reprogrammed own brain to get rid of it.

Q – Favourite Quote? – 'In a hundred years, who'll care' – The Terminator. That or 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law' – Uncle Crowley.

R – Reason to Smile? – Life in general, good music, decent weather, good company.

S – Season? – Autumn.

T – Tag people?Laura's Blog (although I suspect some of her answers may be the similar), Vivdora, and Faith.

U – Unknown Fact About Me? – I can chew my toenails.

V – Vegetable you don’t like? – I like all vegetables, actually I like pretty much all food.

W – Worst Habit? – You'll have to ask other people.

X – X-rays You’ve Had? – Foot, knee, chest, skull, dental. Maybe a few inadvertent ones in Resus. Plus ECGs and EEGs.

Y – Your Favourite Food? – Anything hot. Actually my mum's cooking – best in the world.

Z – Zodiac Sign? – Sagittarius, not that I believe in such codswallop.

Rich Girls

Quite simply superb writing from Inspector Gadget.

This is the worst kind of drama for us. It’s the kind where we have arrived before the other emergency services, specifically, before the paramedics. The officers from the response team are trying to save lives and calm the shattered pleas from relatives who were in the car behind and saw it all.

It's one of the ways I can tell if someone has been seriously hurt at a police incident, the coppers look worried.

Normal blogging schedule resumes tomorrow. For those that are interested I have graduated from crutch to cane.


Just a quick post so let people know that there is going to be a Blog Meetup in London on the 21st of December (next Thursday). Location and time are yet to be determined, but I;m guessing that it will be a bar in London in the evening. It's being organised by my publishers, so if you have a book idea I'm sure you'll be able to collar them to try and sell it. Anyone who blogs is more than welcome to turn up.

More details as and when I get them.

I'm particularly interested in dragging along people who know how to play 'Werewolf'…

Twitter (And A New Thing)

I’ve been using Twitter a fair bit these days, it’s an interesting web-app that may well have…

Well, why tell you here when I have my shiny new blog to fill.

However, this belies the beauty of it. Once you have added a few friends (and more and more people are signing up as this meme spreads), then the inflow of short messages become like a Zen cloud of how people are feeling.

Here is the deal – on this blog I shall continue to write about ambulance work and the like.  I’ll keep up the normal posting frequency (when I have inspiration).  ‘Mental Kipple’ will be for anything that isn’t connected to ambulance work.  It’s somewhere for me to fool around, write about the things that interest me outside of the ambulance world and to let me practice different forms of writing.

It will let me keep this site ‘pure’, so that folks can’t moan when I post about things unrelated to ambulance work.

Lets see if I get bored after three months.

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

Inspector Gadget explains why the politicians should listen to us bloggers on the front lines.

The news he references are

Former Army chief criticises MoD

Half of Asbo holders breach order

Knife Amnesties 'have no effect'.

And no, I had nothing to do with this. I only really do 'crap' jobs (recent posts not withstanding), so if the government wanted a quiet London they'd just post me to drive around in circles all day.

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