CLBD-7 A Fiction

So the previous post is a part of a piece of fiction that I occasionally type stuff into. It’s about a world where a new and contagious form of dementia ‘CLBD-7’ has changed the world in unusual ways. It’s a first person piece (mostly) written by a journalist writing a retrospective since it was discovered.

If you click on the ‘fiction’ category you can scroll back and see how it started.

This is a first draft, which is what they will all be, and I’m not entirely sure why I’m posting it up, it really should go through at least one editing process, but I think it’ll force me to write more of it and maybe even get it finished.

It’s meant, in part, to be a metaphor for how the NHS is collapsing, and while I started writing it in 2009, I really need to get it out before the NHS actually collapses in a pile of flaming Brexit disaster underfunding.

Anyway – no-one really reads blogs anymore, so who is going to notice.

5 thoughts on “CLBD-7 A Fiction”

  1. From Teuchter
    Welcome back! I’ve kept your blog on my favourites since the beginning of 2018 in the hope that you’d reappear, & don’t think I’m the only one.
    You helped to keep me sane when working in NHS . Please keep posting. We do wonder how you’re getting on since the career swerve; but happy to follow your fiction (too true to be funny…
    asbthey say ) for the writing & uncomfortable truths oh dear didn’t mean to be pompous, best wishes for2019 keep up the good work. More please.

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