Who I Am, What I Do

My name is Brian Kellett and I used to write a blog under the name Tom Reynolds. The old blog went down when the company hosting it stopped running their blogging platform. I moved my old blog ‘Random acts of Reality’ to here. All of it is here but at some point I lost the commentors names. Sorry about that.

I used to work on the ambulances, then I worked as a nurse practitioner in an urgent care centre. Now I’m a community nurse, looking after adults.

This means things like giving eye-drops and insulin, dressing leg ulcers, and doing supportive visits for people with chronic health problems. It gets a bit more complicated on occasion but that is it in a nutshell. I do not give people baths or feed them as that is the role of social services and home carers.

Since changing my job, I plan on writing a lot more. This is because I’m working eight hour shifts rather than twelve hour ones.

I wrote two books – Blood, sweat and tea, More blood, Sweat and Tea and these were collected into one volume – Sirens. These books were the basis of the TV series ‘Sirens‘. It got cancelled after one series – sorry.

I have back problems, bowel problems and depression, along with other pains and failures. This makes life sometimes annoying by which I cope by being angry at things.

I’m in the process of working on a new book and on a secret project codenamed ‘Truth Bastards’ that may or may not see the light of day.

I spend too much time gaming and can often be found on Steam as bkellett. I am also spending a large amount of time playing Guild Wars 2 on the Piken Square server – mostly as Tom Weylan.

I tweet a lot as @Reynolds and I don’t use Facebook if I can help it.  I am too old to use Tumblr.

The best way to reach me is through email, or via twitter.

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  1. Welcome back, Brian. It’s like greeting an old friend that I have never met. I’m no gamer but I look forward to your new blogging!

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