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Thrown up here for very little reason.


150 years after the last great war, a war in which nuclear, biological and technological weaponry razed the planet, the remnants of civilisation are held together by the wandering Asclepius Order – young doctors following the handed down traditions of healing.


The world is a dangerous place, bandits carve out kingdoms, paranoia is a way of life and the are still live weapons of nearly unimaginable power left in the dark places.


The Asclepius Order is part scientist, part scholar and part healer, they wander the wastelands trying to keep enough people alive in order to maintain a good ‘breeding pool’ of humans. Every life lost, be that devil or saint, endangers the mission of a restored earth.

4 thoughts on “Story Idea”

  1. It's not quite the same, but you might like the novel "Dreamsnake" (by Vonda N McIntyre). The basic premise is that you've got a post-apocalyptic society and then freelance healers who wander around. Even though various groups are fighting each other, the healers are untouchable: they're so valuable that everyone leaves them alone.

  2. @John – And this is always my big worry, that my bright idea has already been done a hundred times before… Still a wise man once said that it's the implementation of the idea which is what is important, not always the idea itself.

    @epocalypse – I was thinking mostly apprenticeship, picking out the promising youngster from the village and teaching them the secret skills. Some of the larger 'monasteries' would have ancient texts, like a copy of Gray's anatomy (the book, not the soap)

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