Two Things

I write this on the first day of the end of the NHS which comes despite the cries of pretty much every professional health-care body, a public petition that passed the ‘will be discussed in parliament’ (and then wasn’t), legal challenges to let us poor dumb voters know that a proper risk assessment was actually done and a general feeling that we are being screwed over.

I can list the ways in which the public of England have been screwed over, at some point in the future I’ll start talking about how we in Newham are already feeling the effects of the changes – and I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that it’s not leading to better patient care.

While I am angry that all this is being done in the cause of ideology, and that the Liberal Democrats are playing the part of a puppy rolling over hoping for it’s belly to be scratched by Cameron, examining my feelings it is something else that is raising my blood pressure.

No, it’s frustration. It’s the feeling that no matter what we do, no matter how much we shout, no matter how many petitions, no matter how many MPs we write to that nothing will change. The government has it’s fingers in their ears shouting ‘Lalala – we can’t hear you’.

It’s the fact that the media would rather cover sports than the fate of the NHS. Take for example the recent peaceful protest where armed and riot police were in attendance kettling protestors. There was little to no coverage in the mainstream media about it.

This is the root of my anger – that there seems to be no way of fighting back against these unwanted changes.

I wish I were an organiser, I wish I have the knowledge and the skill to muster a group of people to help fight this. Instead I have two ideas – but no skill to make them happen.

First – the Risk register that the government is trying to hide should be published – and if this means a brave soul who has the register manages to leak it then so be it. Let it into the public domain so that it might be looked at fully by everyone – only then will I not believe that this whole act is driven by ideology.

Secondly – For every MP that voted for this bill I would have a group of smart and motivated people look into that person’s conduct. Expose every dodgy deal, all the MPs who have a stake in private medical companies, every campaign contribution. Not doing anything illegal – but showing every bit of corruption until finally it reaches a critical mass and there is no option but for that MP to resign (or be fired)*.

I’m one of those horribly idealistic people who thinks that if enough people see the truth then the world can change.

Stupid, I know, but it might be worth a try.

*And once we’ve done it to those who voted for the bill, we can do it to every other MP – might keep them a bit more honest…

5 thoughts on “Two Things”

  1. I gave up on peaceful protest years ago, personally. Say what you like about the Troubles, they ground the Government down until they offered a compromise in the end. That's more than you can say for any other protest movement of the last thirty years or so.

  2. Good to see you again.
    The communists shoot people for protesting, but the more enlightened democratic types just ignore it and carry on regardless. Remember how many protested against Tony Blair's war in Iraq? It doesn't matter what we do, the government does what it pleases. We might as well just watch the sport…

  3. It is truly good to see someone writing about the health and social care bill in the same way that I feel about it. I work for the NHS and I can see how it will be fragmented and a lot of other things. I thought that MP's were accountable to the electorate, after all they are our 'elected representatives'! I didn't vote for our local MP, but he voted for the Health Bill, I just hope that there are enough people in our county to oust him when it comes to an election, but I fear that people have selective short term memory loss.

  4. I'm more than a little worried about the future.
    I'm 23 so young enough that I'll see the effects of it all but not only that, I'm a long-term user of thyroxine (due to Congenital Hypothyroidism) and I can forsee a future where I don't get a medical exeption for prescriptions, i'll be having to add to normal living expenses each month on a drunk that i'm on for life due to my thyroid gland being non-existant due to it having never developed with the rest of me in the womb.
    Extra expenses on top of already raising energy, water, taxes and the thyroxine I actually die without so it's not something I can say no to like a mobile phone.

    Gah, this is all just some bullshit.

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