The End Of Sirens (Hopefully Of Just Series One)

So, that’s over.

First off – I have no idea if there is going to be a second series. Certainly I’ve got my fingers crossed that there will be a second series. Once I know you’ll know because you will probably hear me dancing (badly) around my flat again.

For those that don’t know – I wrote ‘Blood, Sweat and Tea’ which was the book that Sirens is based on (And has been republished with the sequels as ‘Sirens’). The book was based on my old blog ‘Random Acts Of Reality’ which was about my previous job as an EMT for the London Ambulance Service.

(All books available from Amazon and physical bookshops – ahem).

So – did you enjoy it? I know I did and I think for most of the people who liked it it was a grower.

The purpose of this post is so that folk can ask me questions on the series as a whole, my information is limited, but if you want to leave a question in the comments I’ll answer as much as I can in a couple of days time.

44 thoughts on “The End Of Sirens (Hopefully Of Just Series One)”

  1. Well done – a great great series – if there's not a second it'll be a travesty. Having read the blog, then the book have been so so pleased with how good the TV series has been.

    Best wishes, DW x

  2. Loved it! Was a bit unsure after ep1, but chanced ep2 and loved it. I'll miss my weekly dose of dark humour and am looking forward to hopefully there being a season2! 😀

  3. Somewhat unrelated to the television series (though now it's been made I'm sure it's increased), but after your increasing exposure, have you been subject to any marriage proposals/other kinds of proposals from members of the public? Everyone knows people on the Internet are strange. Has it manifested for you as such yet?

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the series bases on your book…

    Two questions,

    1. Has there been any reaction positive or negative from the people you may have discussed in the book, ie. Ex colleagues?

    2. Did you have any input in the decision to base the series in Leeds or was that just part of TV's attempt to look like they cover everywhere in the UK?

    All the best,


  5. Loved the series. I thought the cast were excellent, especially Rhys Thomas. I can't believe this won't be recommissioned .

  6. That Stuart, he was nothing like you, obviously (apart from all the character traits that probably were). Did you ever feel uncomfortable watching?

    (and bravo, bloody marvellous series)

  7. Despite following you on Twitter for years, I failed to make the connection with the compulsive and brilliant tv series Sirens which I have also become addicted to. Just goes to prove how our taste is consistent. Congratulations on inspiring the most well written, beautifully acted and brilliantly directed television I've seen in years.

  8. Hi Brian,

    The first time I knew of you, you visited my sixth form about 3/4 years ago. I have been addicted to your blogs ever since, (I believe I have read most, if not all of random acts of reality). I still want to know what happens in your NaNoWriMo book!

    But back to topic, Sirens was a fantastic series, the characters were brilliant, it was funny in all the right places, and (I thought) just shouted your writing style all over. Do you know if that was one of the things they aimed to achieve when writing the scripts?

    Thank you very much! And don't give up the writing.

  9. Just finished watching the last episode on 4OD (yeah, I like my early nights).

    I loved it, but it's only fair to say that part of what I loved about it was being able to recognise bits of you, and bits of your blog. I think I probably would have enjoyed it without that, though. I do want more series. And I want Stuart to have a happy ending, even though I know that probably won't happen.

    The thing I need to know… I remember you being quite agitated about medical dramas, back in the day. Misrepresentation of procedures, implausible medical scenarios with unlikely (but dramatically fulfilling) outcomes, and the sheer amount of time devoted to the characters' personal lives during what was supposedly their working day. How do you think Sirens did on that balance?

  10. Loved it. I'll be honest, the reason I started to watch was to see what Kayvan Novak was going to be like. He was brill, they were all brill. Great actors, great plots, great writing. Of course there's going to be a second series.

  11. Hi Brian,

    I loved Sirens, particularly the last episode which was my favourite as it had all of the main characters were featured in almost equal measure and the viewers were given the needed answers through 'mini Stuart' who was a great addition!!

    My questions (apologies, I have a few!) are:
    -Were you surprised by the reactions you have received to your blogs, books and now Sirens?
    -What aspect of Sirens are you most proud of?
    -Now that the whole series has aired, is there anything that you would have changed if you could have done?
    -If you could have cast any actors to be in Sirens, who would you have chosen?
    -Were you, channel 4 or the production company aware of D.O.A. (BBC Three's paramedic based comedy pilot featuring Kris Marshall from My Family/BT ads)? I am asking because both Sirens and D.O.A. have similar concepts but Sirens managed to pull it off much more successfully!
    -I noticed on Twitter during episode 6 that the current Series Producer of Casualty (Oliver Kent) enjoyed what he saw of Sirens. I am aware that you are not keen on medical dramas, why is this? Do you think that Sirens is a more accurate representation of NHS workers than other medical programmes? Would you consider being a medical adviser on a programme such as Casualty and if so what would you advise them to change?

    I also hope to see a DVD release and more episodes. Keep up the Twitter and blogging and thank you!

  12. Hi, my wife and I enjoyed the TV series even though we live in the US. We'd like to thank you for bringing something fresh and new to the table and we hope you'll find inspiration for a new project whether it makes it to TV or not.

  13. Hi, I absolutely loved the series and hope they make a second. Is there any plan to release it on dvd or on itunes?

  14. I have a question for you Brian,
    What made you choose a Creative Commons license when publishing your book(s) and how does that impact your revenues be they from the book itself or derivative work like the TV show?

  15. We've ordered your 1st book from the Stratford library. Series 1 was perfect. I want to see what develops further!!!

  16. I also didn't realise that the brilliant Sirens series was based on the Random acts blog and the blood, sweat and teas, -must be why I loved it!

  17. Brilliant! Best that's been on the box (is it still a box if you have one of these new fangled flat screens?) since Sherlock.

    I hope series two gets the green light and that it is equally funny. Keep up the good work BK.

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  19. Hi There,

    I absolutely LOVED Sirens when it was on. It made my monday nights and really hope there will be a second series otherwise its a waste! I can't help but disagree with some of the other comments though! I am currently on holiday and as I was in the airport I saw Sirens in the book form and thought ah brilliant, a way I can keep Sirens alive with me! (I'm a bit OCD and obsess over everything except cleanliness! And sadly your show and book have become one of my obsessions!) Having watched Sirens first and being half way through your book (taken me 2 days to get to page 266, can't put it down!) I think Stuart is very much like you and when I read the book, Stuart does come to mind a lot.

    Thank you so much for creating your blog which has lead to one of my favourite TV shows. And sadly, I have to admit I'm one of those strange internet people who will admit to developing a crush on you as I continue to read the book! x

  20. Hey,
    Just finished reading "Sirens" and shall be watching the show soon. I'am amazed by your work and the great things you have achieved. I'am Now officially following this blog. (:

  21. I really enjoyed the series and already I am itching for the second. I have a friend who works for the ambulance service who has an amazing sense of humour and a certain method of handling the stress of the job. I thought you captured this fantastically. It was not a grower on me but had me hooked from episode one. I found it very funny, thoughtful and provocative. Congratulations to all involved. When is the second series?

  22. I am from the U.S. I found this "Sirens" to be very funny, and smart. I was watching the first episode, and waiting for the results of my national registry exam. I paused to check the national registry website, and I had passed, so for all intents and purposes, I became an EMT while watching "Sirens". I hope channel four decides to renew for a new series, it is nice to see emergency medical personnel portrayed as real people rather than just props for doctors to insult, and I really hope BBC america decides to run the first series as I have only been able to find two episodes online.

  23. Loved sirens, also glad that both your books were put into one, made trying to find it easier in Waterstones. Hopefully C4 understands they have a good thing going here and it gets a derseves second series. Finally If the writers are reading this, Kayvan Novak on Heelly's? You know it has promise….

  24. Hello just reading your first book and find it quite unputdownable. I happened upon it of course because of Sirens which Ioved so much. During the ads they advertised the Sirens book so I was straight on to Amazon. As usual when I selected that book the old 'others also bought these items' came up and it then became compulsory for me to buy your 2 books. Very pleased I did so far.

    I may pop along to this blog just to see how your doing.


  25. I have just got the book 'sirens' and have watched the great tv series, i love the book as it has given me, and many others, an insight into what its actualy like to work for the ambulance service, i myself am interested in working as either a EMT or parramedic.

  26. Hi

    Just wanted to say i absolutly loved series 1 of sirens and that i really hope it'll be back for a second series, and that now i've heard its based on a book you wrote i'll be down my local bookshop next time i have some cash to buy a copy WELL DONE!! =)

  27. I have read both of your books and all i can think of is brilliant, well at least i get to use a few arguments in the book for my politics class ( NHS reform)

  28. Hello there!
    Since the Internet gave me the opportunity, I want to personally thank you for how delightful your book was! Finished in a week, couldn' get away from it! And the TV show was amazing as well, so thanks for inspiring it, I guess 🙂

    Greetings from Russia :))

  29. Jeez, Sirens became mandatory TV for me 10pm Mondays…[How my rota accomodated that I've no idea – a fluke.] I'm posting on New Year's Day, 2012, so am wondering if anyone is getting to grips with a Sirens [2]? Heard you've another book out,
    Brian: "More blood, sweat and another cup of tea". [Apologies if this is a bit inaccurate.]
    By the way, everyone….HAPPY 2012 TO YOU ALL – HOPE THINGS GO GOOD!!
    Oh, Brian,…are you getting posts from people considering a liife as paramedic/EMT? I guess you've received plenty over time…

  30. It's a shame there won't be a series 2 of this, and I'll be honest, i'm rather terrified that USA has decided to re-make it, as their shows have a habit of starting great, falling short, then suffering on life support.

  31. Sirens was just absolutely brilliant & not similar to anything else on TV. If you have ever been on the staff side of an ambulance & the emergency services you'd know how spot on this show. Character mix, humour, insight, wit, cultural angles, team vs individuals……….I could go on. Where is the second series, & the third & the fourth? I still LOL watching Series 1 we have recorded. More please!!! if we possibly can have it. A sensation that should be continued. A real feel good show as well as hysterically funny & real.

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