Soundtrack Listing – Episode 2

For those that are interested – here is the soundtrack for Sirens, episode two. I personally think that this episode is a bit stronger than the opening episode. I’m looking forward to seeing episode three next week as I’m yet to see it myself.


Here is a Spotify link for all the tracks. Those that are not on Spotify are marked with an *


Surf Hell, Little Barrie

Whirring, The Joy Formidable

Can’t Hurt, Unkle

*The Size of It, The Standing 8 Counts

The King and All of His Men, Wolf Gang

*Great Romances, Ramona

Happy Day Today, Jim Noir

I Want You So Hard, Eagles of Death Metal

I Love You, Chungking

Can’t Go Back, Primal Scream

One Vision, Queen

Voila, Francoise Hardy

Fill Your Heart, Biff Rose

Whirring, The Joy Formidable

Tighten Up, The Black Keys

Alive & Amplified, The Mooney Suzuki

5 thoughts on “Soundtrack Listing – Episode 2”

  1. Thanks for this listing…and the one for episode one too. The soundtrack to the show is great..

    Episode one was good, though I'm not surprised that the second episode might be stronger – personally, I find it very rare for a show to start with a really strong episode. They're usually good enough to bring viewers back next week, but the episode that ensures they keep coming back every week is episode two.

  2. Episode 1 is all about setting everything up – who are these people, what do they do etc. It's the toughest one to write because you have to do all that AND wedge a plot in. It's also the one the crticis watch and decide if the rest of the series is going to be any good. No pressure then.

    Enjoying the programme so far. Only one complaint, why don't the fire brigade get refered to as "Trumpton" ? I loved that from the books.

  3. Heyyy thankyou so much but the one song I really really wanted wasnt on the list. Its the one when Stuart is on the phone to Maxine and they're talking about his Dad. It's kind of soul-like with trumpets. I cant really make out the lyrics 🙁

  4. @Chase – I have no idea I'm afraid. I'll see if I can find out.

    @Phil – They are called that in the draft scripts I saw – but lots can change and if it was changed then it may be for any reason – including clearing the rights…

    @SDLF – Depending on how things have changed from the draft scripts the Trumpton thing may be important. I also like water fairies, brickheads and drip stands.

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