Soundtrack Listing – Episode 3

Here is the soundtrack listing for Sirens episode 3.

And here is the Spotify link. At least for those artists that are on Spotify. (I may also have got some of the mixes wrong, if so apologies in advance)

I think I’m old as I’ve only heard of three of the artists.


Wide Eyes (Teen Daze Remix) - Local Natives
Perfect Stranger - Magnetic Man Featuring Katy B
Surf Hell - Little Barrie
Animal (Mark Ronson Extended Dub Remix) - Miike Snow
Black & Blue (Savage Skulls Remix) - Miike Snow
Majesty - Warpaint
Apparently Nothin’ (Soul River) - Young Disciples
Hallucination Train - The Runcible Spoon
Chillin’ - Byob Vs Jason Nevins
Dear Mr Fantasy - Traffic
Melancholia - Christopher Slaski (Audio Network)
Kong - Bonobo
Sixteen - The Heavy
Eyesdown - Bonobo Feat Andreya Triana
Summer Party - Breakbot
Don’t Lose My Time - Heartbreak
Come On Get In - KT Tunstall
Baby - Warpaint
Come Away With Me - Andy Lewis
Hearts - I Break Horses
Let The Good Times Roll -  Chris Bangs Feat Robert Galliano
Set Your Arms Down - Warpaint
Empathy - Crystal Castles
Lissie’s Heart Murmur - Warpaint
Get Down Tonight (Wideboys Remix) - Wizard Sleeve
Winter Beats - I Break Horses
White Sails - Marques Toliver
Gangsta Trippin (Lazy Rich Remix) - Fatboy Slim

6 thoughts on “Soundtrack Listing – Episode 3”

  1. Brian just wanted to say I love the show Sirens I review every episode on my blog and am so pleased to have found an answer for my readers about the music.


  2. @Marty – Thank the production company, I just asked them (because I know how frustrating it is to really want a piece of music you've heard in a show but have no idea what it is).

  3. Sad that the DVD has substituted Magnetic Man for a dance tune that has zero impact – completely changes the scene for the worse!

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