Soundtrack Listing – Episode One

For those that are interested – this is the soundtrack listing for Episode 1 of ‘Sirens’. For reasons that are complicated this may change for any DVD release.

Here is a Spotify link (with a karaoke version of ‘Suddenly’ because it’s not on Spotify)


Surf Hell, Little Barrie

Suddenly, Angry Anderson

Harmonics, Efterklang

Pack Up, Eliza Doolittle

Hey There Delilah, Plain White T Shirt

All Night, Damian Marley & Stephen Marley

No One Knows, Mark Ronson

Sex Bomb, Spinnerette

Heartbreaker, Metronomy

Shake Your Body, The Jacksons

Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

Bump N’ Grind, R Kelly

Yeah, LCD Soundsystem

Do It Again, Chemical Brothers

Mister Sunlight, The Honey Ants

You Can Run On, Eli Paperboy Read


4 thoughts on “Soundtrack Listing – Episode One”

  1. Loved the series, loved the humour can see your hand in there although as was already said it isn't a dramatisation of the books but the characters were brilliant and definitely going to carry on watching it.

    The music was great and suited to the action, thanks for posting the list.


    ps Liked the fact that you were listed as both Tom Reynolds and Brian Kellett just too funny (I did have to explain to my other half what the injoke was) lol

  2. Watched the fab new series on channel 4 and thought it was brilliant. I originally found your blog years ago and have been an avid reader since. I qualify in January to start my nursing career and appreciate the black humour – it gets me through the day!

  3. @Sage – I *adored* that as well. Daybreak have been very kind.

    @Morgan – I just reprint the emails the production company send me, and yes, that does out me as someone terribly unhip…

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