It's been two months since I last blogged, and I think that this is nature's way of telling me that this blog is finished.

When I started writing this I never thought that it would take off in the way that it did – two books, a radio play, opportunities to speak to lots of people at once and of course the upcoming TV series.

But all good things come to an end and, since leaving the London Ambulance Service, my life has settled down somewhat.

Which means that I have far less to write about the ambulance service, which is what this blog very quickly became about.

So I've decided to put this blog into a 'Deep Freeze'. So the links, posts and everything else will remain here, but I won't be updating it any more. In a fortnight I'll close down the commenting system so that I don't have to spend the rest of my natural life removing spam comments.

The reasoning behind this is that this blog was supposed to be about anything – but due to it taking off as an 'ambulance blog', I felt that I was 'cheating' if I wrote something that wasn't about working on the ambulances. Now I no longer work full time on an ambulance the number of ambulance posts will decrease to almost nothing.

I'm thinking that it's for the best if this blog stays true to being about my time on the ambulances, and I start afresh somewhere else.

I shall be moving my presence on the internet over to Brian Kellett (dot) net, where I plan to write blog posts about whatever interests me. This means that if you are only interested in ambulance related blogposts as opposed to me writing about whatever tickles my fancy, this is where we part company.

For day to day things I shall be continuing to use twitter @Reynolds


If you want to read about ambulance stuff, there are a few blogs out there that I read and you might be interested in.

Insomniac Medic blogs while working for the London Ambulance Service – rather him than me.

Then there is 999Medic, Mark Glencorse, who is much more energetic than me. He's also on a mission to change ambulance services for the better.

From across the pond is Ambulance Driver Files, whose politics I almost completely disagree with. He is a top bloke and has a wry sense of humour.

And finally but not least there is Rogue Medic, another American, who posts incredibly well thought out articles about making EMS better, mostly by the use of science.


So, that's that. Time to move on to Brian Kellett (dot) net, where I shall be writing about things that interest me – not just ambulance related stuff.

And if this is farewell, then may I wish you safe travels, and I hope that while you've known me I've entertained you, and maybe made you think a little.

19 thoughts on “Endings”

  1. Yours was the first EMS blog I ever read, Brian.It's been a good ride, and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

  2. Sorry to see you go.Your's was the first blog, ambulance or otherwise, that I ever read. Thank you for all the stories you shared, I enjoyed every one of them.

  3. An understandable, if unhappy, outcome. I'd like to thank you for the work you've done here, the books and the podcasts. All the very best for the future Brian and thank you.

  4. Yours was the first blog that I began to follow, and my introduction to the blogasphere. For that I thank you. It's sad to come to the end of an era…but i shall be joining your on your other blog 🙂

  5. I shall miss the blog but I think you have made the right decision. It seems I am not alone amongst readers for whom this was the first blog I ever latched on to. I've read the books now looking forwards to the film….Thanks for sharing your experiences. Hope you are settling into the new job..

    Very best of luck for the future. Looking forward to following you at the new site.

  6. I think I've only ever commented on here a couple of times before, but I've read it all, bought the books and thoroughly enjoyed the lot. I also owe you thanks for introducing me to a whole host of other blogs and frankly blogging in general. Sad to see you go and I'll miss your posts, but I'm honestly happy for you that you don't feel under so much pressure that venting a little ends in 2 books. As enjoyable as they were, that can't be healthy right? :)All the best in your new job and future endeavours. Finally, thank you for everything you and your colleagues do.

  7. Sorry to see it go, but you are right in what you say.As with many people here, yours was the first blog I followed regularly and showed to me that you can blog from the belly of the beast, now I'm part of the madosphere, occasionally contributing to mentalnurse. org

    I can't be too eloquent, not long been awake! Hope to see you posting on your other site soon.

  8. Probably for the best.Still – looking forward to the film version. Heard they are looking at Tom Cruise or Matt Damon to play you!!!

    If I'm ever passing – or get taken into – 585 I'll pop in and say hello.

    Good Luck.

  9. I'll miss the ambulance stories, but I've already checked out the new blog and it looks very good. Good to know you are doing well in your new life.katy

  10. Im sure there will be many other who say this, but yes, yours was the first blog I ever read.You sir, are responsible for my blog, the monthly 'Blog Watch' in the Journal of Paramedic Practice, the hours and hours I put into reading over 150 other EMS Blogs, my experiences in America, the Chronicles of EMS and much much more.

    Thank you for introducing me to the world of the EMS Blogosphere, and good luck with whatever you do and where ever you go in the future!

  11. Thanks for seven years of fascinating posts, relating the foibles of a world most of us hope we'll never have to get too involved with.And yes, I'll continue to read the non-ambulance stuff, obviously 🙂

  12. Thank you for opening so many windows onto so many worlds!I'll be following you to the new place, and looking through new windows 😀

  13. Thanks for writing such a great blog… I've been reading it for years now (no idea how many – I started reading about the time you were waiting on the results of the HIV test)I hope the TV series does fantastically – you've got a great team behind it (I've recently worked with some of them…)

  14. Thanks for writing so much for so long. I learnt a huge amount about a world I would otherwise never have had a real window into.All the very best in your new life, and I may drop by your new blog from time to time!

  15. I started reading your blog a long long time ago, it was great to see how being an emt worked from the inside, but it led on to greater things and I loved all of it (although I preferred rescuing mice from your flat rather than all the political stuff).I totally agree that it's time to move on from this particular blog, so a huge thanks for all the stories and memories you shared with all of us.Random Reality is dead .. long live Brian Kellet (dot) netcya there !

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