Self Promotion

Di you know that both my books are still available in shops and on Amazon?

Blood, Sweat and Tea

More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea.

But did you also know you can download them for free for pretty much every platform under the sun. (And here for the sequel)

They are also now on the Apple iBook store, also for free, so if you have an iPhone or iPad you can read them on that platform as well. (And it has been downloaded quite a lot from there – a few more and I might make the top twenty free downloads chart). For some reason you can't like directly to an iBook store page. Which is a bit daft – do try and fix that Apple.

And finally – 'Blood, Sweat and Tea' is now available as an audiobook. Huzzah!

iTunes link

Amazon link to CDs.


Feel free to download the free editions, and then, if you like it, buy a physical copy for your loved ones (from the emails I get, it would appear that mothers really like them). That way both my publishers and I get some lovely, lovely money.

OK, self-pimpage over.

11 thoughts on “Self Promotion”

  1. Tom, you have no need to self-pimp if you don't want to!Did you notice that iTunes calls you an “internet legend”??

    Be lazy, let Apple pimp you up lol!

  2. Hi Tom, I did know and I have them both and they are wonderful. I have also got several people at work reading your books and your blog – so you really don't need to pip yourself, we will all do it for you!Sam

  3. They're also available, I was glad to discover, for free for the kindle (personally, I prefer the kindle app on my iPad to the iBooks one…)

  4. They're also available, I was glad to discover, for free for the kindle (personally, I prefer the kindle app on my iPad to the iBooks one…)

  5. Looks like we in the Colonies will have to purchase them with cold hard cash as Amazon say it's not available here due to copyright and the other site doesn't work. Worth the read if it's the same as the first.We're getting quite a few Englishmen working out here in the New South Wales ambulance in Australia too.

  6. As I don't have a Kindle ( I didn't even know you could get them for the blackberry), I have settled for the audiobook – should keep me out of mischief for a bit 😉

  7. Try

    There's a link on the right that allows you to select download format, then click “download” and it does a really nice job.

    I'm trying not to read it too fast, because I don't want it to be over!

    Who is the reader the audiobook? (I hope it is Tom)

    It's really helping me with my acute nausea from a dying gallbladder and gastroenteritis (and I thanked all the wonderful people in the emergency room and wrote them a card for everything they'd done)

  8. Hiii,I just discovered your books on the i books app on my phone a couple of days ago and i have been hooked!! They are great and very very addictive! I have even ordered 2 of each copy from Amazon (one of each for my bookshelf and one set for my mum's christmas). I have also been yapping about your books to my friends so i think you may get some pennies for you and your publishers heehee

    from a new fan lol xxx

  9. It made me smile to read this, given that i've just spent the last 2 days entertaining myself by reading them both on ibooks while I sat and watched my daughter recover from her gall bladder removal op.So many of your posts are mirrored by the day to day experiences of myself [ a high street dispensing optician ] and my partner [ a railway conducter ] that I wonder if the same individuals wander from one of us to the other?Paid for or not, I'll be recommending both your books to lots of my workmates and friends, so self publicise away.:D

  10. I've just finished the first book (in a day and a half)……my husband's a student paramedic and it was leant by one of his workmates. Brilliant!!!!!

  11. Hi im new, got the kindle for xmas and downloaded your 1st book…only just found out theres a 2nd by visiting here ;o)im half way through 1st book and im loving it!!will post more when im used to the site but thank you for your book…jane x

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