The Bitch Is Dead

The mosquito is dead, killed by chemical warfare. The only side effect being my new understanding that spraying insecticide into your eyes tends to sting a little.

Loads of good ideas in the comments although I am somewhat disappointed that no-one suggested this…

It brings a warm fuzzy glow to me – and a desire to see a similar, but larger, system strapped to the top of my ambulance for destroying the tyres of drivers who pull out on me while I'm driving on blue lights.

5 thoughts on “The Bitch Is Dead”

  1. Boo. Work has blocked whatever the image/video/game is that is embedded in this post.Hurrah for the death of the biiiitch though. I occasionally have similar insomnia brought on by spiders. If I see one, I have to stay awake to make sure she doesn't move. If I accidentally fall asleep, then wake up and realise I don't know where she is, I have to get up and sleep somewhere else.

  2. We didn't suggest it because we knew what would happen if such unholy power fell into your hands!But yeah – thanks for followup! 😀

    Although… did you find the corpse?

  3. I'm guessing from that four word laconic quote from Casino Royale that you named your annoying visitor Vesper Lynd???

  4. I'm at home, and I couldn't see it.I did a search on the title on youtube, “Mosquito death ray in action at TED”

    and found

    The other one, I did a youtube search on “”mosquito killed by a laser” and got

    Hopefully you can watch a version of it somewhere.

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