Chronicles of EMS

What do you mean you aren't watching 'Chronicles of EMS'?

It's a show about EMS, and it's by EMS people and it is really rather splendid.

And now there is a competition! For they are very close to being picked up by 'proper' TV.

(I'd enter but I haven't had an original thought in years… Also I don't like flying and I already have an iPad)


So here is the big news!

We need your help.

Over the past few months our esteemed creator/director/producer and all round good guy, Mr Thaddeous Setla, has been meeting and pitching to TV Executives across many of the networks in America, and whilst they all really like what we are doing, they want to see a change to the name ‘Chronicles of EMS – The Reality Series’

What we need from you is your creative thoughts on a new name for the show. It will continue to be ‘The Chronicles of EMS’ but we need a new tag line instead of ‘The Reality Series’

It has to showcase what we are doing.

We are not just a fly on the wall TV Show – We want to challenge the status Quo and drive forward change in EMS

We are not an American only show – We are truly international and plan on travelling the world seeking out best practices and sharing them worldwide.

Just as important, we are an entertainment show that embraces it supporters and followers like never before.

We need something catchy and powerful, and for the one who comes up with the winning formula, there is an amazing prize on offer.

The person who provides the new name for the show will have round trip flights and 3 nights accommodation to a location of their choice where the Chronicles of EMS will be filming. This could be New York, San Francisco, Germany, Austria etc etc. If we are going there, the winner can come with us. They will also receive show credits and some ‘on screen time’ in a future episode too.

If thats not enough, they also get a 16GB Wi-Fi, 3G iPad.

If the winner is under the age of 18, they will win a top of the range 64GB ipad Wi-Fi & 3G.

The only requirement that we have to enter, is that you are a member of our Chronicles of EMS community. This is free to join and can be done by clicking here.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Submissions end on the 9th July 2010, when we will provide a short list of the top 5 entries which will then go on to the public vote from the 12th July up until the 6th August. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on or around 10th August during a live Tweet Up in San Francisco.

So what are you waiting for?? Get your entry in by using the form found here, and Good Luck!

4 thoughts on “Chronicles of EMS”

  1. “Blood, Sweat, and Tea!” – then you could get royalties.”Revenge of the Maternataxi!”

    “White Van Man Strikes Back!”

    “Knee Gnaw”

    …yah, so far none of my ideas are worth entering 😀

  2. Chronicles of EMS – Running Back Bent AgainChronicles of EMS – One of these times it'll be a proper job.

    Chronicles of EMS – It won't be a real 'A' Cat son.

    Chronicles of EMS – The Cynical EMT…..

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