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Two police officers had to be cut free from a police car that was involved in an accident on its way to a 999 call this morning.

The car was going to an emergency call when it was involved in an accident with another vehicle at shortly after 5.05am. The accident happened at the junction of New City Road and Barking Road.

Police, fire and ambulance officers attended. The two officers in the police vehicle received leg injuries in the accident and were taken to Newham General Hospital. The driver of the other car was unhurt, said a Scotland Yard spokesman.

I hope that every involved makes a full and fast recovery. I would wager that I've been on more than one job with the officers involved.

We've had two FRU's have similar accidents at that corner, it's a blind junction with one stop line set some way back from the junction itself. I always warn new staff and students about it as given the… 'quality' of some Newham drivers, there are often people jumping the lights there.

I know that one of my colleagues had the green light and right of way when hit was hit.

I was nearly taken out by a fire truck also travelling on lights and sirens at that junction myself – it's only because I drive like a nervous granny and creep slowly across red lights that I'm still here today.

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  1. Yep – get well soon to the guys involved. Know that junction VERY well. Absolute nightmare and needs some thing sorted asap.

  2. There's a road in the town where I live that's relatively unobstructed and so the local boy racers use it to impress their mates with their speed skills. At one point small children cross it to get to the school. We have campaigned for years for a crossing – of any sort – and the council refuse saying there needs to be a fatallity before they can do anything.

  3. Before I started driving ambulances I used to drive under the assumption that everyone else on the road was an idiot; now I drive under the assumption that they are all raving lunatics out to kill me. Works for me…so far

  4. I too drive under this condition as well, as a 'Probabtionary driver' I am amazed at teh sheer stupidity of other drivers, like the guy the other week who tried to mate with my car on the motorway, when I refused to exceed 75mph he then turned on this wonderful deck of flashing lights.Once he had gone I was then thinking 'Hold on a darn minute, those were YELLOW lights' grr

    If only I could fulfill my ambition to be a police officer (Sadly my hearing rules me out) I would have been feared on the roads, sadly the closest I can come to this is being a traffic Warden and sadly i want to be loved

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