How ‘Cool’ Is Hitler?

Nice – Can me and my crewmate have a £10,000 budget please? I could do a study into why our ambulances rarely have a complete set of equipment on them. Or, you know, I could just spend the £10,000 on buying the kit.

An ambulance service has apologised after staff were asked to rate how “cool” Adolf Hitler was in a questionnaire.

The survey was sent out to 4,000 employees at West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) as part of a £10,000 study to identify what made good leadership.

Respondents were asked to rate how “cool” 10 famous leaders were on a scale of one to five.

Besides Hitler, the list included Gordon Brown, Richard Branson, Winston Churchill and Fabio Capello.

A WMAS spokesman apologised for any offence caused.

He said: “At the end of the day, Hitler galvanised a nation into doing something quite unusual. Dreadful atrocities took place off the back of that.

“The staff involved were not trying to cause any offence to anybody.”

The project, called Making Leadership Cool: How Emerging Leaders Wish to be Managed and Supported, is a year-long study being conducted by two members of staff at the ambulance service.

The aim was to identify the key characteristics of good leadership, to allow the organisation and the wider NHS to be more efficient and effective which, in turn, would have a direct and positive impact on improving patient care, WMAS said.

The questionnaire, sent out last month, had so far been completed by “several dozen” members of staff, the spokesman said.

“The project sought to discuss different styles of leadership and the characteristics of leadership to help staff at all levels develop their career,” he said.

“In discussing different styles of leadership, a survey which is one small part of the project sought to include an analysis of the dictatorial style.

“With hindsight, it would have been better to have used a different example to illustrate this.”

The funding for the project was provided by the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority, he added.


What might be interesting would be to see what role those two staff normally fill, I'm guessing that they are on the upper end of the management structure.
More seriously, haven't there already been countless studies and research into good management styles? Would it be churlish to say that it doesn't surprise me that ambulance management types haven't heard of other studies? In fact if you want to see good leadership just cast your eye at my local complex management.

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  1. I think describing invading Poland, then Holland, Belguim and France, trying to invade this country and topping it all off by attempting to invade Russia in a war that cost 40 million lives including Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs and the mentaly and physically disabled as “Doing something quite unusual” shows an ignorance of history that I find somewhat stupifying. Do you get the feeling that someone thought by asking how cool hitler's management style was, was an attempt by someone trying to be down wiv da kids?

  2. Well here we are, just as the comming goverment wants to save (waste) money within the NHS. here is a perfect example. Ambulance Services have reduced in numbers but we still have in most services the same number of admin staff, Managers and HR staff still wanting to take over the world. As long as we dont spend to much on patients needs or the “VANS” that they get transported in, thats ok.

  3. So I am not sure whether I am reassured or frightened by the fact that in a different country, different continent, half way around the world, the ambulance service is just as messed up.”With hindsight, it would have been better to have used a different example to illustrate this.” -Ahh hindsight, gotta love it; foresight – obviously not nearly as important.

    I love reading your blog.

  4. 'The survey was sent out to 4,000 employees at West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) as part of a 10,000 study to identify what made good leadership.'Looking after the staff, giving them the necessary equipment and supporting them in disputes. Also being a motivator, organiser and problem solver – that's good leadership.

  5. It's the defense of these morons by the spokesman that amazes me…galvanized a nation into doing something something quite unusual? l suppose invading Poland, Holland, Belgium, France and Russia and murdering 12 million people in concentration camps falls into the catagory of something unusual. Nice to see management sticking up for their staff for a change. Knobs

  6. F*** me sideways… Your taxes at work, everyone!Little advice to anyone given some daft questionaire by work, just ignore the questions and scrawl your chief complaints (and your comtempt for the questioners) all over it in very big letters. Encourage others to do the same. It has no effect (my mum tried it at a certain company…), but makes you feel soooo much better.

  7. Nice to see they stick up for their staff – HOWEVERThey need to stick up for the ones manning the trucks not the other managers! Is there an office there with several people handing round paperwork to keep themselves in a job?

    I would say “What's this country coming to” but I would be WAY too late

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