In Much Happier News

'More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea', is about to be released in what is called 'Mass Market' edition. This is a cheaper and smaller format of the book – hopefully it'll mean a bump in sales, and therefore a bump in royalties coming to me.

It's the same book, just a handier size.

It is released on April the first (yes, yes, I know…) and if I may dare to be so bold, would make a lovely gift for your loved ones, neighbours, acquaintances and random people in the street.

It's being stocked by Waterstones and Smiths and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a supermarket or two might pick it up.

The last time I pimped my book here it shot to the #1 slot in the pre-order charts and it gave my ego a much needed massage, as well as giving my publisher a smile (which I think he needed, after all he has to put up with me).

You can pre-order it from Amazon, or if you prefer, from Waterstones.

And of course, you can download it for nothing from this fine site.

(OK, pimping done – back to the more usual whinging).

For those that are interested in how the publishing industry works – can I point you to a series of blog posts by Charlie Stross, collected for your delectation on my ebook site

14 thoughts on “In Much Happier News”

  1. This is good news. As I said previously, I love my books, but I love them even more if in a flexible, light, pocket sized format. Cheers!Carolina

  2. EVERYONE should read this book. Several times, and then be tested on what it says so that they have engrved on their brain when, and more importantly, when not, to call an ambulance. Maybe then some of those who die in an accident, won't.And all ambulance personnel should, as a matter of course, be fitted with a halo.

  3. Hi *waves shyly*I discovered your blog after reading your first book and you've got me hooked. Good luck for the new edition of #2!

    It's a few days too late for me, as I just ordered the original one through amazon, but I though that you might find it ironic that the book was delivered with a recommendation/special offer for alcoholic beverages..

    Take care, ian

  4. Perhaps you should start a petition on the number10 site to get the prime minister to read your books (and perhaps those of other ambulance/NHS bloggers) – I'd certainly sign it…

  5. In my back to front way, I've read this one first! I needed a distraction there & then – but the library only had More B,S & T – i'll hunt the first copy down in a few weeks when i've finished this one!

  6. I bought the older edition of this book a while ago, and just found out this morning you wrote it through this post. I just found your blog through AD this morning, I look forward to reading through your posts!

  7. Just to let you know downloaded the book just after you released it and will be buying it when it,s released as a real book… something i can read and laugh at while sitting on the train…

  8. Fantastic to see you offering a free version of the book as well. With all this fuss over ebook readers it's nice to see a good effective freebie.

  9. Heyho. I'm new to the blog after having read your first book last year, and the second one recently. I work for Waterstone's, and recommended the first book to anyone who would listen to me (and even to those who didn't), and stuck one of our lovely recommendation cards underneath it. I plan on doing the same with the second one once I get an uninterrupted minute to write it! I know it's not much, but hopefully every little bit helps.Love the blog. Keep up the brilliant work!

  10. That's wonderful thanks! – I was in Colchester (I think) and I saw someone in the Waterstone's there had done exactly the same thing – I've got to say it filled my heart with no small amount of joy.

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