A Year Of Living Digitally

I have a feeling, somewhere deep in my urinary tract, that 2010 will be the year that I can finally live digitally. By this I mean that I can get through life without buying a physical piece of media. Be that DVD, Blu-ray, CD, Book, Magazine or any other thing that has a physical existence.

Instead I shall be surviving on a diet of purely digital media – downloads of music, films and books.





iTunes, Amazon, Indie download services.


Waterstones, Kindle store, Direct from publishers.

Video games

Direct download services like Steam, Direct to drive, XBox live and Playstation Network.

RPG books

Drive Thru RPG.


Now… here is the problem – there current;y aren't any decent comic download services. I have huge hopes for Longbox – and a prediction that it will be available pretty much out the box with the 'Apple iSlate'. Until then, well I'm afraid it'll be the decent webcomics like Freakangels and Darth and Droids.


All of these are legal downloads – I'm fully aware that I could hit the torrent sites and download things while breaching copyright laws. But I won't. The idea is to do it all legally. I think that this is the first year that I can do this without missing out on much. Sure there are publishers who won't make their books available for me to download – they won't get my money. There are games companies who don't make their games available for download – they won't get my money. There are bands and record companies that won't let me download their music – then they too won't get my money.

13 thoughts on “A Year Of Living Digitally”

  1. Buggering hell, that was supposed to be a draft – finished tomorrow with links and stuff.Oh sod it.Start the year as you mean to go on – with a sodding great balls up…

  2. From listening to MacBreak Weekly, this is exactly what Andy Ihnatko has just completed, finding the same difficulty with comics – of which he is a big fan. I can't see anything about his year without physical media on his website http://www.cwob.com yet, but expect his write-up soon.I like many others am waiting for the release of the Apple iWhatever until I decide which eReader-type to get. DRM will as Ewan says, continue to be an issue with many of these media.

  3. As an ORG founder, and well aware of the issues, does the sheer amount of DRM you're going to have to deal with to do this not put you off?

  4. You can get 2000AD via clickwheel, I think it's called. Tried a demo once, and it's pretty swish though you can't beat a real paper comic!

  5. [Quote ] – I have a feeling, somewhere deep in my urinary tract [/ quote]Are you shore its not a stone πŸ˜€

    Happy New year Tom

  6. Drunk Duck and Smack Jeeves are two online comic services for DIY comics authors — and some of are as well drawn and plotted as the commercial ones. And some of the fan-zine versions are a riot.

  7. Definitely a good point. Guess that's why the record stores around me keep closing shop. The internet is taking over and making it easier for us all. Especially long hours in the ambulance. the best EMT partners I have had are the ones with the laptop and DVD collection for the slow nights.

  8. I see a new e reader has just come out. I am itching to get one probably the sony one but holding out until they drop in price and colour not just b/w pictures would be nice but not 100%. Also the cost of the e books needs to drop as l can not see how the cost can be justified as it it they were expensive last time l looked.

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