The Future

I know I moan a lot. It's one of the 'Yellow Card' symptoms of working in the NHS – not enough resources, too much in the way of demand, daft governmental interference, management who apparently have no idea what they are doing…

But, like many of us, I don't look at the good things – the things that floated on down from the future and snuck up on us.

I'm not talking about robots, space travel or meals in a pill – I'm talking about the future that has, like the water that is slowly boiling the frog, crept up on us so that we don't think it's the future any more.

I'm sitting at my desk playing World of Warcraft – I can play with potentially 10 million people. The music on my home server is reminding me of the 80's where such a thing would be impossible to imagine.

I blue light a patient to the angioplasty lab – when I started nursing the treatment for heart attacks was minimal – now we can pretty much cure them as they happen.

The reasons behind heart attacks – let's take some pills to mitigate some of the bigger causes.

The internet.


Seriously, I can talk to people from across the globe, i can collaborate with them, I can play games with them. Surely it's a measurement of triviality that I can play games with someone on another continent in real time.

Cars are safer, I can buy a TV rather than rent it – and it doesn't need repairing every year.

I can fit a library in my pocket. Seriously – an entire library.

With 3G networks I can talk to people while I'm on the move – who here remembers the first mobile phones? They were a status symbol, now they are something that ten year olds have,

If I can think of a bit of music I can stream it, or download it. How about a movie?

I don't have to wait for the 6pm news to come on after Newsround – I have news 24 hours a day.

Sure, it's not perfect, people are still dying in silly wars predicated on religion or greed – but less people have died in wars this year than any previous year – and that number is falling every year.

We haven't died in a cold war exchange.

People die, people are discriminated against, people are killed in pointless wars, people die because they don't have clean water, or midwives, or accessible, affordable medicine.

But taking all that into account, it's not a bad future – it's certainly better than the one I expected when I was twelve years old.

9 thoughts on “The Future”

  1. That is one of the most encouraging thoughts I have read in a long time! Thank you for that positive note. I will spread it around…

  2. You know, Tom, you're absolutely right. (And, yes, as a matter of fact I do remember the first mobiles: the size of a shoebox, the weight of a briefcase, and just as look-at-me-I-have-someone-to-talk-to as they are now πŸ˜› )

  3. I had one of the first mobiles too. Had to dial the number every time as there was no memory to store it. Needed a suitcase to carry it. Reception was patchy, battery lasted a day if we were lucky. One ringtone we couldn't change. No text messaging.Where will we be in 5 years from now?

  4. Couldn't imagine living without the internet and my PC nowadays.Love my MP3 collection, iplayer, instant news and being able to talk to friends all over the world for free. Then getting said friends together to go kill someone in EVE. It's only a game but leading a few hundred people into battle is a still massive rush. Without all these things being stuck in the house all day(cant work) would have driven me over the edge a long time ago. I do hate mobile phones with a passion though. Got rid of mine a few years ago. Just cant stand owning one any more.

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  6. yay a fellow EVE player πŸ™‚ (veto corp!). it is amazing how much we take for granted nowadays, my first mobile was like a brick and i remember the days when to own a VHS recorder was the wow factor.

  7. Fought you guys a few times. Think I've got verone's corpse somewhere πŸ˜› Always a good fight. Not seen you much since I moved down south though. Used to pirate a bit up north.Provibloc nowadays, not into the RP or anything, but cant complain about getting daily fleet battles against some of the best pew pew'ers in EVE. Most of whom love to come roam down here.

    See you in the sky o7

  8. I've heard of 'Threads' and saw 'The Day After'.Did the Rooskies have anything similar?

    Did 'Fail Safe' and 'Dr. Strangelove' ever air in the USSR

    before it became Russia?

    ((Re: Fail Safe: The President of the USoA nukes NYC.

    As if it wasn't about to be destroyed in 90 minutes anyway!))

    Yes… It's officially the future, and all we can imangine is

    improvements to what we have now.

    Call me when there's Bacon that's good for you.

  9. To that list I'll add high-powered disposable contact lenses that mean I don't have to wear half a ton of glass on my nose. 30 years ago I had the prospect of being registered blind by now. My eyes deteriorated as predicted but technology caught up and I can see perfectly clearly thanks to two whisps of soft plastic. How cool is that? πŸ™‚

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