3 thoughts on “I See My Name Mentioned…”

  1. As I have already bought both yur books, I would love to dowload them for my Sony ereader (and perhaps some new ones to “try before I buy”). The Frida Project is quoted in the article that it is “contractually obliged to provide” your and others books under Creative Commons terms. Maybe its just me, but I can't see where on its website or yours. Can you help at all? Cheers.

  2. Perhaps you could enlighten the BBC to the fact that DRM is wrong – if your work was DRM'd I'd never have bought it in the first place… and I had read it for free onlinePerhaps a quick plug for the ORG?

  3. I think that the BBC were fairly balanced as they had that trouble-rousing anti-DRM person Doctorow talking about it.After all, I've just drunk the Kool-aid he was selling…

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