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Demonstrations are expected as one of the world's largest arms fairs opens in London's Docklands later.

The biennial Defence Systems and Equipment International is due to take place amid tight security.

Activists from a separate group, Disarm DSEI, will hold another protest and warn they will target the banks and firms which invest in the industry. The group also says it will not co-operate with police ahead of its demonstration.


My patch.

Loads of people, some of them perhaps reasonably annoyed.

Quite a few police, some bodyguards.

If the police do some kettling there could be a fair few collapses/illnesses/injuries.*

So you would think that we in the LAS would have some sort of plan, something that those of us working in the area would be privy to.

I've not seen a single memo, bulletin, policy or plan concerning this.

However in the latest bulletin I have learnt that the 'Equality and Diversity' department is changing it's name to 'Equality and Inclusion' (something to do with the future).

Oh well, it'll be interesting seeing how the next few days play out.


I'm not saying that there isn't a plan, just that I'm completely unaware of it – and the officer I spoke to yesterday was also unaware of any plan.

*Stationary kettling is, in my opinion, a bloody stupid idea and probably against the law.

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  1. “have learnt that the 'Equality and Diversity' department is changing it's name to 'Equality and Inclusion' “Geez, I can just see how that meeting went. A bunch of tools sitting around a desk getting paid to think of a new name for their 'department' as they sip green tea.

  2. We have manga conventions there – I sometimes attend myself.It's fun to sit there and admire the costumes if we have a spare few minutes – I don't think we'll be doing that right now…

  3. I make no value judgement on that decision.(As I personally could care less – and no doubt fall outside the scope of that department as I don't qualify for any of the leadership/promotion courses that they run. What with me being a straight, white, atheist male I don't require any extra 'help' – although if I were a gay, black woman I'd probably resent the thought that I 'needed' help. But then, I am full of resentment normally and I'm no expert on race politics apart from everyone bleeds the same colour).

  4. …and how much did that meeting cost? My service can't even get me a new pair of trousers to replace the three-year old disintegrating pair I have!I've just found out that my gang have a committee on 'Transitional Change'. Can anyone suggest any other kind of change they could study? 🙂

  5. In my expereince, Equalities people are people who can't get a job in HR. And HR people who can't get a job, well anywhere. Only met 2 who were any use in all my time at work.Once went on an equlities course an discovered many new things:

    It is imposible to change religion. Ever.

    Men are always stronger and faster than women. So a fat bloke would outrun Paula Radcliffe in a marathon.

    If you do an exercise which relies on the audience being to the right of the BNP, it doesn't really get going when they turn out to be well adjusted humans to whom making racist coments doesn't come naturally.

    Still, I bet they had fab biscuits while changing name !

  6. It is a cunning plan after all there is a recession on, all those people loosing their jobs. Pointless titles and departments require people to run them. Get enough started… recession over and the jobs a good un!

  7. Oh, kettling!I thought you meant kettleing.

    That's putting a large kettle over someone's

    head and striking it rapidly with a mallet.


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