Back From Cumbria

Just got back off my holidays, a week in Egypt and then three nights in Cumbria. I now have a few days before I head back to work and the grind of driving to people's houses and telling them to hop into the back of the ambulance for a nice taxi ride to hospital.

In those few days I aim to do some writing, including planning for a series of longer form blogposts, but first I need to clean my flat from top to bottom.

What I will leave you with is my new website, upon which you can find a job offer.

2 thoughts on “Back From Cumbria”

  1. When you've finished cleaning your flat can you come & do mine please 🙂 I'll feed you haggis, it doesn't have any beef in it.

  2. Why Cumbria? Were you just wanting to see some rain after being in Egypt?(I am formerly from West Cumbria and am therefore allowed to be disparaging).

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