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I've been off promoting myself on behalf of my second book. For those that are interested here is my, short, appearance on Sky News.

As I'm speaking I'm sitting in a dark room with two spotlights on me staring at some little red lights and trying not to drool or just sit there with my mouth wide open.

I really wish that I hadn't used the word 'sexy' in relation to trauma…

Also, can I just say that there is something about TV that makes my teeth look like they are arguing with one another, I'm sure they aren't that bad in real life.

I was also in Sunday's Observer.

Looking at Cross
I was interviewed sitting in a park in Whitechapel, and while the text of the interview is online, only one of the photographs is there. Having my photograph taken by a splendid team made me feel like a rock star.

“Let's try to be charitable,” says Reynolds, when I meet him in Whitechapel, where we sit in a park past which he drives on almost every shift (the Royal London Hospital is just down the road). “There are two worlds, really,” he says. “There's the world that a lot of people are part of: the world that you are part of. And then there's the world of people who are isolated, socially and financially. How many crack houses have you been in? How many functioning alcoholics do you know? No, the two worlds don't overlap very much, do they?”

Only one small mistake in the article (understandable considering the noise of the park) and that is that Emergency Care Practitioners are the highest trained road staff.
I think that's all the promotion I'm doing at the moment. At least I can't see anything else in my calendar at the moment.
Now I'm working my normal job for pretty much the rest of my week – which makes me happy as it's something that I understand.

30 thoughts on “Self Promotion”

  1. What's the point of this book? So people can ogle? So paramedics (what they're called here in the USA) can feel important? Who cares? I've been a paramedic 20 + years and I wouldn't bother doing this. you just encourage people's worst instincts.

  2. Great interview in the Observer. Shame it kept calling you an ambulance driver though — made me wonder if the interviewer had actually read the book (or is that uncharitable of me?). Keep up the splendid work!

  3. I noticed a couple more – the use of “ambulance driver” for EMT/paramedic and “the operator” for EMD, both of which are pet hates of mine. And is an experienced EMT's salary *really* just 20,800?? If so that's disgusting… I hope they got it wrong and that's a starting salary.Anyway, I took a deep breath and read it again ignoring the aforementioned bugbears and it is a great interview and I loved the photo! I'm enjoying the book too (and panicking that mine isn't going to be half as good)!

  4. What's the point?What do paramedics have to deal with everyday. How is their time wasted, how are lives put at risk by ridiculous rules and people who abuse the system.

    How do we, as members of the public, find out about these things? Mainly by reading blogs and book such as Tom's.

    If you think he's feeding his ego and glamorising his job, them you've clearly read neither this blog, nor his books.

  5. The point of the book, like most books, is to entertain and educate people, and all the people who've bought it and who enjoy this blog care. You wouldn't bother because you don't have Tom's talent for writing and no one would publish you!

  6. Top stuff Tom, I got through the book in 1 sitting!(That's a comment on it's addictive nature by the way, not… ahh you know!)

    Of course, with the added publicity, you gotta start expecting some more trolls on here… Be warned!

  7. Meh – trolls don't bother me – negativity only hurts one person, and it's not me.Besides, I get worse at work…

  8. lol at your use of the word “sexy”.Question: When I looked into doing a Paramedic Science Diploma, they said that starting salary was about 30,000…how come you're on significantly less?

  9. It's an interesting wondow into the job someone else does. Assuming you really have been a paramedic for 20+ years then you know what happens. I, and most of the other readers don't and it's facinating. We see the big green van with blue lights but don't really know what it's doing each time. Other than Tom's book, any information we have is going to come from TV dramas which aren't trying to be accurate.And why shouldn't paramedics feel important ? So called “celebrities” do and they contribute nothing to society. Or are you going to argue that helping make people better is a waste of time ?

  10. Gomer u don't have to read it. As an ex nurse I find it fascinating and an insight into a part of the health profession I've never worked in.

  11. Caught the original on Sky. Now when I read the posts I can almost imagine you saying it. Also curious about the loo roll?

  12. That's the salary for a registered Paramedic including unsocial hours payment and London's high-cost living allowance. Tom's figure is an EMT's wage and he (hopefully) hasn't included those enhancements.

    Either way, I feel the profession as a whole is woefully underpaid! Still, we can always just cram overtime into the few hours we actually get off work; not so much to make more cash, more so we have no chance to spend any of it!

  13. Completely offtopic, but

    Some video of paramedic getting abused by cop, to get you riled 🙂

    I'm sure you've probably already seen it though.

  14. Love the photo; glad you mentioned the Observer, my copy is still in its plastic wrapper, I've had a busy weekend; you might have gone straight into recycle!

  15. It's a bandage. Consider it a kitten toy.You may also note that I'm standing on top of a phone junction box.

  16. Ah, I see. I had been concerned that you were caught short, but now I understand.Shame you had no kittens to hand though. There isn't a photo in the world that couldn't be improved by the presence of a kitten.

  17. Hello dear boy , having read the observer the pic looks like you have remembered the gloves and paper in readiness for the incontinent ! but I like it ! why do they think you have only been writing your blog for a short time? the proffesionals in the reading and writing world are not paying attention ! i know what you are trying to say about the sexy bit but it is the wrong word and i can't think of the right one and i am not on the spot under the lights like you were . glad that you have not bailed out of your job or blog . good luck to you . oh and you have a delightful smile !

  18. Hi TomBeen reading the observer article and have read your blog before.

    Seeing one of the photos you posted on flickr has given me an idea you may be interested in.

    I wonder if you could contact me: with your email so I could get in touch.

    I am a freelance researcher.



  19. The point Gomer, is best made by one of the characters in the film Shadowlands. He says 'We read (and I would argue write) to learn we are not alone'. Keep writing Tom.

  20. Yes – and said phone junction box and big Red Cross mural is directly next door to my house!Great blog and thanks for allowing me to bask in your reflected glory in a very indirect way (“Hey mum, that photo was taken next door to me!”).


  21. Mine says something similar, 22,000 or so but there's allowances that bring it up a little. Still not enough tho……….;o)

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