Something For The Weekend

Seeing as I'm working nights this weekend and blogging will be light I thought I'd leave you with something to read while I'm either chasing drunks down the street or snoring in my bed.

In the first of, hopefully many, formats to download, The Friday Project have put my book up on Issuu – and it really does look lovely, and is best in fullscreen mode. The license that 'More Blood, More Sweat And Another Cup Of Tea' is published under lets you embed the book in your own blog, read it from any site, or download it to read on your own machine. Feel free to forward it to anyone who might be interested.

I'd love to see it on as many blogs and sites as possible. The more eyes it gets in front of the better. You can download the .PDF from the Issuu website.

Next week I'll explain exactly why almost everything that I create is licensed under a Creative Commons License, and by then I can probably get back to writing about ambulances rather than pimping my book.


Once the plain text version is ready we'll see about getting it into as many formats as possible.

15 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend”

  1. Went to download it to read on my phone at work, but it asked me to go through the rigmarole of registration before I could. Major problem with interaction between the modern internet and the modern short attention span 🙁 I'd best just buy it then (or was that your plan all along?)

  2. Read to page 45 online during my lunch break on Wednesday then got home to find the book had finally arrived from Amazon. Finished it off over two evenings. Will review on Amazon later when I have more time 🙂 (aka “not at work”!)

  3. Posted at this evening. I've probably done something wrong as it appears to look better when viewed with Internet Explorer – I tend to use Firefox. I'll have a play with the entry later.It wil be emailed round my chums later.

  4. TomHave converted both books to a) word 07 docx format

    b) rtf (for anyone who hates Word)

    c) html (for any web browser – I hope)

    d) epub (for my Sony Reader)

    I can, of course, save them as other formats, if you wish

    (In case you are wondering why I went to this trouble, as I mentioned in d) above, I have the Sony eBook reader, and to get a decent looking version of the book in epub format meant working in word to create the html and convert from there… It may not be the best way, but it works, “fairly” well)

    Mind you, due to technical reasons, had to move the footnotes about (hope you understand)

    Let me know where/if you want them to be shared, and I will zip them up for use (and upload them to the host of your choice)

    BTW read the 2nd book in a day, great read, and keep up the great work (I only realised I used to travel around your patch as a kid when I read the Tate and Lyle article)

  5. Just ordered the new book from amazon yesterday, and I'm really looking forward to it! I like the paper version, I like to keep it sitting on my book shelf so I can read it whenever. In the meantime, I'm re-reading the first one, and it still makes me giggle.

  6. Finished your book today – as insightful, sad, funny and addictive as the last one. Nice one! When's the next one out?! 🙂

  7. I ended up buying both books from the shops, I have never laughed so much in all my life!!! would have to download it to my laptop as well just incase i am away from home and want a good read!

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