More On The Warning

So, as well as having book two released, book one has been given a fresh cover. The blue cover is my original, first book, and has nothing new in it – if you have the black and yellow cover book then you don't need to buy the blue cover.

The new book is a bit bigger and has the red cover, and of course a different name, but it's similar enough that people might make a mistake and pick up the wrong book.

Here they both are so you can compare them.


So – original book on the left, new book on the right. I just want people to know so that they don't get the wrong one by mistake.

8 thoughts on “More On The Warning”

  1. I just got my copy from amazon, and very nice it looks too.When did they start writing 'leading ambulance paramedic' on their jackets in reverse? is it so you can read it in your mirror while reversing over them.

    (or is it a very minor )

    looks good though i shall read it in the park if this weather holds up.

  2. Hi Tom,I've got them both, and finally finished reading the second instalment! 🙂 It arrived Monday morning and hasn't been put down at all! Loving it! Made me laugh, cry and seriously sit and think about where I want to go with my life. I think you are a fantastic writer/blogger and I hope you continue doing what you do so well! I've been reading the blog for a few years now, on and off and hope to continue reading for a few more years! 🙂

    Good Luck with everything and thank you for doing what you do!

    Jenny Irvine

  3. hi there – just wanted to let you know how much i am enjoying the book ( mine has a lime green/yellow cover btw!!!!). have HUGE sympathy for your plight with the drunks and druggies – i think it takes a special type of person to deal with such things day in and day out, and still remain fairly sane and with a GSOH. I used to live in south east london, and know only too well what life can be like there. your book is great and very thought provoking, and i will be actively seeking out the sequel after finishing the first. thankyou

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