Blue Lights And Long Nights

I consider myself very lucky. Since starting this blog I've had a couple of people send me books to review, something I'm more than happy to do.

The latest book that I was given (and I have another one on the review pile) is Blue Lights and Long Nights by Les Pringle.
Les is an ambulance man through and through, he joined the Birmingham Ambulance Service in the early 1970's. This book is the story of his first eighteen months in the job.
I was immediately struck by Les' writing, full of humour, wit and self examination it reminded me of all the thoughts and feelings I had when starting the job. Even including the worlds crappiest van for the driving test.
It's a very easy read and I read it in one sitting. He tells a number of stories and gives you all the interesting details without ever leaving you thinking that the story has gone on too long.
What is shouting out from almost every page is that the job hasn't changed since the 70's – sure, we have better equipment and more drugs to play with, but the messroom culture, the sorts of patients we go to and the problems with management are all the same as they are now. One story from more recent times its told, and it is only the 'insider' in me that had me noticing the small difference between the past and present.
Les' writing is so good that, even though I know the material inside out, I was still drawn to read more – he's a very engaging a writer. If you like this blog, then you will also like this book and I cannot recommend it enough.


You also might want to buy mine at the same time – More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea. It should be in all good shops (and some dodgy ones I guess) by the weekend. As soon as I've the details for the download version I'll throw them up here. Also, for those interested I did a scrap of radio yesterday – you can listen to it via iPlayer here for the next week, my bit starts around the 17 minute mark (and thanks to @jamrock for pointing that out, thereby making my life easier).
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9 thoughts on “Blue Lights And Long Nights”

  1. I'll have to read Les Pringle's book another time because my copy of 'More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea' has arrived courtesy of Amazon. Woohooo! It looks lovely and shiny and I'm tempted to start it right now and sod working today. Ah, who am I kidding? Have only paused in reading it to post this. Brilliant!

  2. You sound quite a bit different from how I imagined you would! Or was that perhaps after a shift and tired? :-)Good plug, by the by. I am tempted. I was converted to your writings online and off by a mate who is an ambutech and looks to becoming a bit of a clone of you- maybe it's the ambulance sense of humour, and love of tea!

  3. YooHoo, thank you amazon….my copy of 'More Blood, More Sweat + Another Cup of Tea arrived earlier. Can't put it down…which isn't good news for the three pairs of eyes looking up at me waiting to be fed…………..Oh okay then…! ;o)

  4. My copy of More Blood, More Sweat & Another Cup of Tea was nestling in my post box this morning, and I can't wait to read it!!!! I love the cover!

  5. am another fellow fan…with a copy of the shiney new book!!! got home from work at half 6 to find it and am half way through….something about you're writing makes it impossible to put down!!! its even dragging me away from facebook!!!

  6. Hey,Nice to see you back at work. Got your book today – you can expect to see me reading it on nights next week (except when busy saving lives 😉

  7. Got your book yesterday via amazon, unable to put it down, such a good read, think i'll be investing in the blue lights and long nights one as i'm running out of pages already…!

  8. Book came today – thanks Amazon…And I got it cheaper too..

    More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea

    Price on order date: 9.09

    Price charged at dispatch: 7.79

    Lowest price up to and including release date: 7.79

    Quantity: 1

    Total Savings: 1.30

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