Day One

Back to work with a nice little (twelve hour) late shift. Late enough to lay in bed, but not late enough that you feel like dying at 4am that morning.

As I'm back to work after a long absence I'm being 'third manned', another ambulance person is on the truck with me in case I freak out and go mad or something. It's a good way to ease you back into work should you need it – something I didn't really need so my 'third man' had a lovely easy shift.

As for the patients, well it seemed that I went to most of the stereotypical jobs during the night, missing only the 'elderly person on the floor', 'urine infection' and 'demented nursing home patient'. We missed an 'assault' just by virtue of the police getting there first.

What was surprising was that we needed to 'blue light' four patient's straight into the resuscitation room – but at least it means we earned our pay.

Our first job of the shift was a very pleasant gentleman who had a problem with his heart – we took him into hospital and, unlike most of my other patient's I got to talk to him the next day when he walked up to me in the hospital and shook my hand and thanked me. It doesn't often happen and so I think that this handshake will stay with me for some time.

The rest of the shift was fine, with lots of nice patients and nice relatives – the only exception was a drunk in a pub who'd injured themselves, we had to scoop him up off the floor while making sure we didn't aggravate his twenty friends who were all around half a pint away from falling over themselves all while trying to prove that they liked him the most. It had something to do with football is all I know.

So it was a good shift, if busy and when some time passes I'll no doubt write more about some of those patients.


I've just heard from my publisher that “More, Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup Of Tea” is back from the printers and that it should be in shops for the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Day One”

  1. Hooray! I'll get a few on order for me and my friends. Take it easy. Hope you are more comfortable.

  2. I was sat in the garden over the weekend, as it was my weekend off!! and i was chuckling like mad at some of comments!!! dont want the book to end, EXCELLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

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