I've just phoned the resource centre at work to let them know that I'm fit to return to work. My first shift is a Sunday late shift – and I can't wait.

(Of course, give it two weeks and I'll be screaming to come off the road again…)


On Saturday I shall be at the MCM London Expo indulging in my inner nerd. If you ant to stop me and have a chat please do feel free – I don't bite*.


For those that are interested, my calendar is starting to fill up with PR/Marketing stuff around 'More Blood, More Sweat And Another Cup Of Tea' – more of which as it approaches. There is at least one national TV slot lined up.


How do you check to see if an ID card is genuine? Flick it with your finger and see what noise it makes. (I wish I had the energy to find the actual government website that gives this advice).


*Insert standard joke 'unless you want me to…' which is, I believe, a legal requirement.

5 thoughts on “RTW”

  1. If you really want to see the official documentation then it is here. Search for flicked which you will find at the bottom of page 3. There is a help line (bottom of page 4) which one can, presumably, ring so that they can identify the correct distinctive sound whilst you flick.You may also notice, if you can be bothered to peruse the rest of the document, that the id card is covered in the letters EU when illuminated with Ultra Violet light.

  2. Hello Tom,I thought it only right that i should leave you a comment expressing my thanks to you. I have been a fan of your blog for some time and i have just read your first book within 12 hours. I am a student paramedic and i love to read your stories, and actually find them a great learning aid. I hope you continue to blog for a long time to come.

    My very best wishes

  3. You jest about the flickage, but in fact it's a pretty useful way of spotting your average forgery – it also works for certain European national ID cards. You should expect to hear a plasticky “thwunk” rather than a papery “click”… Dropping the card onto a hard surface such as a table produces a similar result.With more than a passing interest in forged documents I know what a genuine one is supposed to “sound” like, but I can understand the lay-person's reaction to this article. Perhaps the help line will play you a recording of various cards being flicked for comparison purposes?!

  4. Hope last night was good for you. We had a haunting phone call that reminded me (at a funny my-mind-knows-why-sideways-angle) of your dead child on the oversized stretcher story from the book. Night shifts can blow.Very pleased you are back, after reading about your sabbatical in the land of office world.

    Didn't get to the expo- shame, as a vampire fan, I'd have liked a bite. (Now there's an idea: Vamp-Po: the expo for the undead, featuring all the gear and girls and guys one could possibly need to ensure peace of midn for the newly turned, or the long-time survivor needing new ideas…)

    Looking forward to reading your inner nerd some more.

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