Polar Bears

Due to being off sick I've been spending a lot of time in bed (as animals in captivity are wont to do) and the reason why I've been waking up at 10am is because that is when the alarm has gone off for me to take my pill.

Except this morning, which explains some of the early morning blogposts. Instead I was woken up by a polar bear.

I was dreaming about attending the Eurovision song contest, Ewan Spence was there (as he is in real life, doing a sterling job blogging and reporting it) and I was with him. Then we went outside where I was attacked by a polar bear that grabbed at my legs.

This woke me up and was, I suspect, a dream brought about as a consequence of the restless legs I've been having.

So I wrote and read some blog posts from bed for two hours and then nodded back off to sleep.

Where in my dream a polar bear was attacking my house and managed to drag off my father (who I haven't seen for over twenty years, and have barely thought of at all in that time). This time it was the alarm that woke me up, not the bear nibbling on my legs.

Is the universe trying to tell me something, something obvious like 'avoid polar bears', or do I just need one of those nice jackets that does up at the back? Does the inclusion of Ewan mean that his 'marketing' is working so well he has seared himself on my subconscious?

I just don't know – all I do know is that I'm avoiding the zoo for some time.

10 thoughts on “Polar Bears”

  1. It means you're lonely. Out there on your own in the arctic, working in the kiosk. But you have really good camoflage. Apart from your nose, which you have to cover with your paw; that's how you hunt.In a fight with a shark, as long as the shark was on land, you'd totally win.

  2. interesting that it was your *father* the polar bear took as some believe that dream bears symbolize 'mother' (protective or overbearing).

  3. Maybe because Norway (home of polar bears) won the Eurovision Song Contest, and you predicted this? 😉

  4. The music-and-dancing introductory show of the 2nd semi-final of Eurovision featured people in bear suits dancing (and then spraying fake snow everywhere) – some were brown bears and some were polar bears. It was rather surreal. If you were watching that, you could well dream about polar bears afterwards.

  5. hey — if the RLS is bothering you, try adding an iron supplement to your diet — it worked wonders for me; brought my iron levels up and the RLS went away completely.

  6. Pardon my French, but screw the Polar Bears!They have a misplaced and inflated notion about their position on the food chain vis-a-vis Homo Sapiens.

    Want to help Polar Bears?

    Go pet one.

    Slather on some mustard first.

    Humans are an inferior grade of pork.

    (Or so I've been told.)

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