High-end journalism is dying in America and unless a new economic model is achieved, it will not be reborn on the web or anywhere else. The internet is a marvelous tool and clearly it is the informational delivery system of our future, but thus far it does not deliver much first-generation reporting. Instead, it leeches that reporting from mainstream news publications, whereupon aggregating websites and bloggers contribute little more than repetition, commentary and froth. Meanwhile, readers acquire news from the aggregators and abandon its point of origin –namely the newspapers themselves.

In short, the parasite is slowly killing the host.

Which is similar to what, in part, I was aiming at here.

Today will probably be 'lots of links' day.

2 thoughts on “Journalism”

  1. It was all sounding so good till the end: “namely the newspapers themselves”.That hasn't been true for years! AP rewritten in the first person since the nineties, now bloggers ripped off without attribution.

    Anyway”News” per se does not need 'high end journalism'. Only investigative journalism needs a dedicated, paid workforce, and I don't see that sort of thing being killed off by the news aggregators. In The Back in Private Eye for example, will not be damaged, likewise the Sunday Papers in-depth stories.

    Trivial journalism for trivial news? Well if that dies we won't miss it.

  2. I think that is part of his point – that the news have done themselves in by this change in attitude.

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