I've not been blogging for a bit as I've been spending time getting my head around certain things – while some people urn to the Bible I tend to turn to 'Transmetropolitan' or 'The Invisibles'.

I had my appointment with the urology consultant concerning my rather painful epididymitis, I'm still off work because if I do anything other than recline or lay flat it feels as if someone has kicked me in the unmentionables.

The consultant was excellent, we had a bit of a laugh and he's written me up for a month worth of antibiotics. He also suggested that I regularly ejaculate – which, as a single man, means only one thing.

I do try to follow my doctor's orders.

Sadly it wasn't all good news, apparently it can take longer than a month to clear up and that is no guarantee. There is also a possibility that it will never go, or go and come back a few months later.

Something to look forward to…

I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get back to work in a week or two – I'm starting to go nuts* sitting reclining around my flat planning for my third book.


*No pun intended – honest.

20 thoughts on “TMI”

  1. Taking them all now – apparently an infection in the epididymus or prostate are really hard to get rid of due (I think) to poor vascular systems around there.So, yes, a month of gut-ache, softer stools than I normally like and all the other fun things that happen when taking anitbiotics.

    (And no yoghurt! I *love* yoghurt…)

  2. Ouch ! Hope things work themselves out. Just out of erm, *professional* interest – how often would 'regularly' be, anyway ?

  3. Sorry you're poorly. I hope it clears up and never comes back.I've just had the 'ping' where my mood switches from its winter low to the summer high, life is suddenly a lot easier. I hope this is true for you too – it sounds like it would be a good thing just now.

    All the best and I look forward to book number three, having not yet read book two. I suppose I'd better get a move on…

  4. Hope you feel better soon Tom! But also hope that you manage to get a big part of book three written too!! 😛 x

  5. Tom, I selflessly offer myself to you to help you fulfil your doctors orders 😉 hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. A month of antibiotics? Are you stockpiling against future episodes or are they all for now? Hope it doesn't take a month for you to start feeling better.Anyway, after reading the Wikipedia pieces on epididymitis and testicular torsion, hot flushes suddenly seem like a piece of cake.

  7. ow,ow,ow! when you decide to go for sickleave, you certainly do it up right.hope all works out well for you.

  8. Hang on – why no yoghurt? I thought it was a good thing to eat yoghurt when taking antibiotics?

  9. Bearing in mind your consultant's recommended self-treatment, and the fact that you're on your third book, I'm assuming it's called “RAZZLE” or something similar.

  10. You are fabulously funny, so I 'believe' in:82. 'I can't sing, I can't dance and I can't flirt – I have never “picked up” a woman in a nightclub.'

    only partly.

    Will you wait for me till I'm divorced? (this could last rather long).

    And btw, do you actually know Tom Reynolds?

  11. Oww! I feel for you, the Walrus said, I deeply sympathize…. Holding his pocket handkerchief Before his streaming eyes…If you have to recline etc regularly, why not lie back and think of England?

  12. Oh dear poor you I hope that you feel better soon.I had a wee look at your link on Epididymitis and was intrigued with the following comment:-

    Treatment otherwise comprises pain killers or anti-inflammatory drugs and bed rest if necessary, and symptom control by resting the scrotum in a supported position.

    I'm sorry but how does one support a scrotum, a sling, a wee table in a convenient position, a helpful hopefully female friend who is free to offer some handy support? I'm sure that the ans is quite reasonable but if its ok with you I'll just let my mind wander with probable solutions 🙂

    Look after yourself Tom.

  13. It interferes with this particular type of antibiotic.However – on the plus side I *can* drink.

  14. When I had the painful condition of kidney stones, my doctor told me to drink beer. I hope that you can follow doctor's orders with as much fun as I do.

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