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They are currently looking for more good ideas to be discused on the day, so feel free to send your ideas to
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Wednesday April 22, 2009

Wouldn't it be great if…. all problems had solutions?

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  • Is there a better way to cannulate a frightened child?
  • Could defibs work better in the dark?
  • How can we improve patient handling for bariatric patients?
  • How can we improve upon needle safety in a moving vehicle?
  • How can we safely restrain violent patients?
  • Can we have an HCAI-resistant multi-feed cannula?
  • Can we have a “sobering” injection?
  • Can we improve blood testing on the move?

Do you have any ideas for technology solutions that would make your day easier?

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Have your say in the NHS international seminar in London on 18 June

The NHS National Innovation Centre (N.I.C.) is working with Ambulance Today magazine to find out about your day-to-day issues, and help find new technology solutions that will shape the ambulance service of the future.

The N.IC. is holding a free seminar workshop in London on 18th June as part of the NHS International Expo. If you can define challenges in ambulance patient-care that are perhaps being overlooked, then you could be part of this exciting event!

Our “Wouldn't It Be Great If….” event adopts an open floor approach. It will be attended by a selection of paramedics, clinical leaders, invited spectators, industry leaders and academics, who will be there to discuss your problems and help innovate technology solutions. There are only 80 free places available so email now for a chance to book your place at this world-leading event!

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Act now to help the NHS help you!

We'd like to hear about any problems you may encounter in performing day-to-day ambulance service duties – whether these are related to equipment, clothing, vehicle design, patient handling, communication, drug administration or anything else.

Remember – it doesn't matter how wacky or obvious your ideas for a solution may seem. We just may be able to develop brand new technology that will improve patient care and/or make your life easier!

Please email by Tuesday 28th April with as many ideas as possible. We will then contact you within 14 days of the closing date if your suggestion has been taken through to the next stage! Please feel free to forward this email to any ambulance service colleagues who may also have a great idea!

Thank you very much for your help.

NHS N.I.C. team.

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6 thoughts on “Something I’m Co-Chairing”

  1. May sound a bit stupid, but police forces, especially in the US, are usually seen wearing needle/knife resistant gloves.Depending where the needle-stick injuries usually occur, maybe a finger-tip-less pair of these under exam gloves could prevent some injuries.

    Also like the states, could Paramedics not be kitted out with eye-protection that is semi-permanant (worn to every trauma/where blood may be airborne).

  2. Regarding bariatric patient handling, apparently one of the big problems with dealing with extremely heavy patients is that it's hard to weigh them (or at least, so I've been told by a doctor friend who works with very very heavy people, >250kg) because they either don't fit on the scale, can't stand on a scale or are too heavy for it.Now, most ambulances (the ones I've seen anyway) have air suspension so you can lower the back and make it easier to roll trolleys in. This is pretty similar to the air suspension on LGVs, just using smaller airbags and a bit less pressure. You could fit a pressure sensor similar to the ones they use on LGVs to the air suspension to tell the difference in weight between the loaded and unloaded ambulance – just calibrate it with the crew on board, just before you get out to load the patient, and then measure again with just the crew and patient on board. It wouldn't be terribly accurate but you could probably measure to within 10kg reasonably easily.

  3. RE: DeFrib lights, Now exist very bright Led Lights that could be installed on inside the periphery of the DF case like car headlights, needs someone to persuade an influential designer to get an obvious but unknown thy Manufacturer , they would want to get an edge over the competition with latest useful gizmo

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