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Because I'm a bit too busy at the moment (with good stuff, more of which later), here is a press release.


The UK Government plans massive new security snooping on the internet,under their ‘Intercept Modernisation Programme’. Internet Service.

Providers are already required to keep our ‘traffic data’, now government wants to get hold of this data whenever they like.

Some of the plans you'll have heard about – including plans to “snoop on Facebook” and other social networking sites, by looking at your internet traffic as it passes through special government equipment.

Even more seriously, they may intend to centralise all the info they can in a central database, or get special access to ISPs’ data stores, so they can retrieve information without having to ask ISPs first.

== ACT NOW ==

Please contact your MP to ask them to bring your concerns to the attention of Jacqui Smith. If you get a reply, it will probably be lazy and a brush off – respond and you are very likely to get a better answer. This page has a template letter and links to further info:


To find out more about our supporters, in particular what motivates you to campaign for digital rights and how we can better help you take action, Open Rights Group is holding two focus groups in the evening of 27 and 29 April. If you can help us out for a couple of hours, please email to with 'focus' as the subject heading. We'll reply with a brief form for you to fill out and return, which will ensure we get a balanced, representative view of our supporters.

The focus groups will take place at our office in central London. We'll cover reasonable travel expenses to be sure of getting supporters from across the country. Looking forward to meeting some more of you!

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  1. Why does this look an awful lot like Phorm's kit getting licensed by the UK Govt? I think they have you know. Both systems work in a similar way, intercept your page requests for analysis. It'd just be a simple software change to have done to not make the data stored anonymous.Maybe this is why the Govt hasn't said a thing about Phorm yet? Because they're working together on this interception technology? It would make a lot of sense from both ends, the govt gets intercept tech built under what's effectively their beloved PFR, and Phorm gets govt money to develop it.

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