I know I like to parody government snooping powers, but I think that ORG have outdone me here.

Take a look at Statebook – it is a spoof government site, listing some of the information government holds on an individual citizen.

The site also shows what what new information the Government want to collect, through new schemes, like the “Intercept Modernisation
Programme” which could even include amassing all of our Internet traffic data in a single government database.

One thought on “Statebook”

  1. I'll be the first to say “Is it me? Or is our government going mad?” Or is this some kind of feat of reverse psychology? Introduce bills to gather insane amounts of private data, then sneak something nasty in while we're staring at the first bill?Ye gods, that's just plain mad. When will we see a site on the net?First these idiots lose what data they do have on us, now they want the opportunity to leave even more on the 8.23 to Paddington?

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