It is traditional, when removing a beard, to take off portions at a time and admire the result. I have removed my beard.


It is a legal requirement that during this process you need to do your best impression of Ron Mael. Sadly my bathroom now looks like I've been holding badger baiting contests in it. And can I just say that, unlike Mr Matthew 'rough and tough' Fox, no shaving or skin care products were used apart from a razor, some water and a pair of scissors.

38 thoughts on “Shaved”

  1. Another beardie bites the dust. I'm keeping mine, though.Oh, and number three ranks high in the spaghetti western stakes!

  2. Photo on Left side, 4th row = very nice looking. You do a good moustache.Right Side, Row 2 – “My name is Inigo Montoya….”

  3. After reading your previous post Tom, I instantly pondered whether I wanted to read this one… Made a sub-concious connection.. LOLI am very jealous of your beard growing ability, I can grow mine for a month and have very little to show for myself 🙁

  4. Picture 6 was clearly the place to stop :-)Frankly, though, I'm at a loss as to why picture 1 engendered the “older gentleman” remark.

  5. I must confess to also having been a mite apprehensive about what the subject of this post's title may have been.Reynolds, you are a disappointment for removing such a well-trained beard.

  6. Me, some 20 years ago, trimming beard in front of bathroom mirror.Wife: try these special new hairdresser scissors. Really sharp with rounded ends.

    Me: (Snip. Snip)

    No. 2 son aged 3: (Watching intently, in silence) Runs out of bathroom, into bedroom.

    Nos. 1 and 2 sons (no. 1 aged 4) watching intently in silence.

    Me: getting a bit unnerved by this. Feeling that mischief might be afoot.

    No. 2 son: giggles. Both boys just behind door, whispering. See, I told you. Dads cut his ear off.

    Me: carries on snipping.

    Wife: What do you think of the scis youd better stop and sort out whats left of your ear. Then you can mop up the blood.


  7. I like the character you portray in the fourth row right hand side, dead spitting image of rene in 'allo 'allo… handsome git.. but why the disposing of the beard?

  8. i didn't even know you had one.BTW, #1 looks like Horace Cutler. (ex Greater London Council bigwig.) #9 looks like you're ready to march on Poland.

  9. Bravo indeed! That takes you from “going on for my parents' age” to “about my age, perhaps a bit older”. And my mum had me when she was 27 :-)Helen

  10. Stop at 6? Come on! Nonsense.Clearly, he shoulda stopped at 3.

    But whatever else you do, Tom, never, ever, ever even THINK of stopping at the running-snot version (close to the end). Now that was truly awful.

  11. Disagreed!The original beard puts me in mind of one of the teachers at school, not a bad or even a mildly creepy bloke, but the sort of man of the older generation, who'd put leather patches on the elbows of his jackets, you know what I mean. The clean-shaven end picture is how I generally picture Reynolds as a thirty-something guy I would happily go for a drink with. The ones in between… I would not want to be alone in a room with them.

  12. didnt even know you had a beard fella, in one of them shots you looked remarkably like Keith Laird, but thats not a good thing lol

  13. No I agree I think our blogging paramedic is quite the handsome fellow, even with my glasses on too lol 😉

  14. I know exactly what you mean. Having seen many pictures of our dashing hero I was surprised at the lack of sexual activity revealed in the previous blog and suddenly it became obvious why our articulate, interesting, although somewhat time poor, bloke is single.

  15. Much better shaved. I remember speaking to the oxygen delivery guy. He had been in big trouble with his wife the night before. After 35years of marriage he decided to shave his beard off. Trouble was he did not warn his wife who saw a strange man walking along the passage and she freaked out. She nearly brained him apparently as she had never seen him beardless.

  16. I married my husband some 26 years ago. He was bearded when I met him, and I pestered him to shave off his beard so that I could 'see who's lurking under there'!It was not a success.

    My darling husband is wonderful in practically every other department except DIY and good looks, and having passed him in the street once or twice I then pestered him to grow the damn thing back.

    But you do look gorgeous without yours – it would be a crime to grow it back! 🙂

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