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A paramedic has been attacked after he disturbed thieves trying to steal drugs from an ambulance station.

The paramedic was hit over the head with a fire extinguisher, punched and kicked during the burglary at Pinner Ambulance Station, Harrow.

Police are now searching for four men in connection with the assault which happened at approximately 1:30am on Saturday (14 March).

The staff member, who is a team leader at the station, does not wish to be named. He said: “I was on my break at the station and as I walked into the garage four men sprung up from behind one of the cars and just came at me.

“They ran straight at me, throwing punches and kicking me as I tried to fend them off. Then I felt an almighty thump on the back of my head from a fire extinguisher. I was dazed and was stumbling around which gave the men the chance to run away.

“The whole thing lasted not more than two minutes, it was all over before I knew it.

“Afterwards, I was fuming. Then I found a slash on my forearm and saw the slit through my shirt with a wound on my stomach – it transpired later that a knife with blood on it was found outside the station – I realised then how lucky I had been.

“When you are at your ambulance station you just don’t expect anything like this to happen. I’ve been doing this job for 19 years and have never been assaulted like this.”

Following the attack the paramedic was taken to Northwick Park hospital for a check-up.

Ambulance Operations Manager for Pinner Sean Brinicombe said: “We are doing everything we can to support him through this and to aid the police in pursuing a prosecution.

“I am shocked that people would sink so low as to steal from an ambulance station and attack a paramedic in the process.

“Thankfully he is okay, but this incident could have been a lot worse. Our staff shouldn’t have to work in fear of attack, especially from the very community they are trying to serve.”

No comment needed beyond hoping that he gets well soon.

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  1. There is no honour amonst theives, there never has been. They are always hard men when there are a group of them but cry and complain like babies when you try to take their blood pressure.I wish the paramedic a full and speedy recovery and the full backing of his trust.

  2. Yes, comment is needed, like where the bloody hell was the security? Or do the powers that be seriously not think the vehicles and drugs on an ambulance station are going to be a target?

  3. The lack of security is really concerning, considering the drugs etc contained on the station are a prime target

  4. You really have to hope that as they ran away, they crossed a street without looking and were run over by a bus.”Help, we need an ambulance!”


  5. Twats. It's idiots like that who deserve to get an ambulance that someone's nicked the drugs out of next time they need it.Here's hoping the paramedicgets well soon.


  6. The issue is the ease and extent of violence nowadays used. These characters know that if they were ever dragged before a court, they would get community service at the most.As life in this country gets harder, these type of events will be frequently repeated. But don't fret, the government has it all under control.

  7. Was this in the news locally only in London? If at all?It should have been on all the major news channels.

    By not reporting these things seriously it just makes the scumbags think even more that its okay to do and that they will get away!

    Have linked this to my blog Tom.

    Hope your colleague is okay?

  8. Why is it that I only find out about this kind of thing through Tom's blog yet as soon as a Paramedic or doctor makes even the tiniest mistake it's all over the national headlines? How is that for unbiased and even reporting?!I hope the paramedic gets well soon and that ambulance trusts all over the country use this unfortunate episode to seriously look at the protection and security offered to their workers, no one should have to work in an environment that poses unnecessary dangers.

  9. I'm not aware of this story appearing in any national daily. Perhaps the reason for this is that assaults on LAS staff are now commonplace.What has not been reported in the national press is another assault on an LAS colleague in west London, who – as a solo – approached a man lying on the ground apparently unconscious. As soon as the tech tried to rouse him, the “patient” got up, and punched and kicked the tech, and kicked him again when he fell to the ground. This piece of scum received the following punishment: 12 months conditional discharge, 300 costs and 150 compensation to his victim. That is what my colleagues injuries were worth – 150 sodding pounds.

    What do we think these scrotes will draw? Probably a visit to effing Disneyland!!

  10. I wish the medic a speedy get well, no hassle from the idiot management for being ill as they seem want to do and finally a nice nasty very very painful accident of any description to the scroats who attacked him and any medics actually.

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