Dreaming Of Hospital

The call was given as a 'chest pain'. Hopefully this is something that is going to change soon, I read about it on Nee Naw's blog, not that us road staff know anything about it because we are like mushrooms.

So, knowing little else, we whizzed along the empty night roads to get to this man in his forties having chest pain.

When we got to the house he was walking around the bedroom looking like he was about to go for a stroll, he wasn't sweaty, he wasn't distressed, in fact he looked healthier than me.

“I had a dream”, he told us, “about my family and it upset me, because sometimes my dreams come true”.

To be honest he didn't look upset.

“Erm… what would you like us to do about it?”, said my crewmate (because I was the one driving that day).

“I'd like to go to hospital”, he stated.

“Erm… you know they aren't going to be able to do anything for a nightmare”, my crewmate replied.

“It wasn't a nightmare, it was a dream, and it might become true. They do that sometimes.”

He didn't have the slightest whiff of chest pain, so where that came from we had no idea. Actually, that isn't true, I suspect that in a lot of occasions the person making the phone call just says 'Yes' to everything our Control ask. Add in the number of people in our area that don't speak English, and the number of people who we go to who are, frankly, a bit dim and you can see why our calls get over prioritised.

Well, there is no point arguing – 'patient' wants to go to hospital, we can't refuse, so off we went.

We left him sitting in the waiting room along with his concerned friend. I have no idea what the treatment is for 'patient thinks they have had a vision of the future', I don't think the psychiatrists would be too impressed to have him referred to them.

I'm sure its only a matter of time before I go to someone who has seen a ghost.


So, Monday's question. Tell me about a dream you've had. Extra 'woooo' points if it came true.

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  1. I'm having regular dreams about stamping on the necks of certain 'frequent fliers' and kicking seven colours of stuff out of them. I think it may come true…soon…on one of my night shifts…very soon…

  2. BTW the 'patient' who you took in should have been charged for the full cost of ambulance transport and examination at A/E or at the very, very, very, very least told 'like it is' by the senior nursing sister or consultant.These callers are the ones who are stopping an ambulance getting to the real patients who are in dire need…and should be taken to task.

    Rant over…I'm off for a lie down and a dream…a dream involving sticking big sharp pointy things in tossers eyes who call us for stuff like that!

    Nights…! Dont you just love them…???

  3. Don't knock ghosts tom, i've seen em.Both in hospitals I've worked in and houses i've lived in.People can scoff, I dunno what they are but they are real.On the dream front, there needs to be a system where if its considered wasting time they can be charged for the ride.

  4. 'I don't think the psychiatrists would be too impressed to have him referred to them'..it would be funny, though. my dreams are all in technicolor, & often it is that i have conversations with friends/family that i need to discuss something with. or i have dreams that are so odd that it had damn well better be symbolic of something! if i want to meditate on ? of the future, i have other ways than dreams, which are more accurate (as possible when dealing with 'future' events).

  5. I hope it doesn't come true – I keep dreaming about the end of the world. Cormack McCarthy's The Road is not ideal bedtime reading, I can tell you

  6. I have dreamt before of waking up, getting ready for work and going to work. It's utterly gutting to actually wake up and have to do it all over again for the “second time” that day – especially if you wake up when in your dream it's almost hometime!

  7. A couple of years ago, whilst we were looking to move house, I spotted a house for rent (we were looking to buy) that looked rather nice, but wasn't what we wanted. A few nights later, I had a really vivid dream that we were living in the house (even down to wall colour and where our furniture would go – please bear in mind I'd only seen a picture of the outside). Last July we moved into the house – and it was/is exactly as I had dreamed it. Well weird.

  8. Mine would be a dream I had last week, where I was in a petrol station and I ate all the bread and flour in the shop… I woke up exceptionally worried that it had happened.Thankfully, it hasn't YET!

  9. ho ho ho, think it hasn't happened?Not in my unit, but one in a certain seaside resort. A gentleman was walking home down a dark lane (after they'd called time – who am I to query how much he'd imbibed?) when a Roman soldier jumped out at him.

    Not surprisingly, he gave out a yell and took to his heels. Only to be brought up short by acute chest pain. Luckily he was near his own gate, wife disturbed by the racket, came out and called an ambulance.

    Angina. But they never identified the soldier.

  10. I once had a dream that I found this big, rusty switch in the undergrowth at the bottom of the garden and it TURNED OFF THE SUN.It was so spooky – all the noises of daytime, like birds singing and things were still going on, but it was pitch black and then of course I couldn't find the switch again…

  11. I once dreamt that I was very drunk and was desperate for the toilet. I was looking all over for somewhere to 'go' and eventually found a loo and went for the best, most needed pee ever.Sadly I WAS very drunk and was shortly woken up by a warm, wet feeling. I was most upset that that dream came true.

  12. I had a very strange dream a couple of nights ago in hospital in which a 6 tonne red kite (the bird, not a 'toy' kite) crashed into the ground in London and caused an earthquake that has devastating effects throughout the UK! I doubt this'll come true … and really hope that it doesn't! ;oP

  13. For a while I used to dream about my late mother. She had had MS for most of my life, but had been an artist when she was able-bodied. In my dreams, she always appears in a wheelchair, in her old house and she's always doing some sort of arts 'n crafts activity.In one particular dream, I found her in the garage, making mailboxes, only they were the kind in rural America–the kind in the shape of a barn or a bird house. She asked me to take a 'walk' with her. Suddenly we were on the other side of the house, in the garden, by her favourite lilac bush. I asked her, “If you're in heaven, why are you still in a wheelchair? Aren't you supposed to be able to walk now?”And the answer came to me as soon as I'd asked it: Because this way, you'll recognise me, this way you'll know it's me.I know that most people would say that dreams are our subconscious' way of making sense of our waking lives and that this dream was just me making sense of her death and how it fits my life that's gone on since. While that may be true, I believe that my mum or her 'essence' is out there somewhere and that SHE was communicating with me in that dream. I find it comforting to believe that she is not limited by her disease anymore; it's only my imagination that's keeping her in that chair.

  14. I had a seriously weird dream last night, where I was living in a vast, underground complex – hundreds of maze-like stories under a sports stadium. There were three families living in the place, and the first twenty-ish stories were unoccupied. So when freaky soldier guys who wanted to kill us stormed the stadium, we got in the lifts and went all the way down to the heart of our basement hideout. The buttons on the lift only went down to -5, so we didn't think the soldiers would follow us, but we did have a big discussion about whether or not we should sabotage the lifts, with the main arguments being “is it worse that we can't get up, or better that they can't get down”.I think living in Switzerland, and having a nuclear bunker in my basement, has probably gone to my head…

    PS, your user agreement seems a bit draconian… If I provide inaccurate information (like, don't give you my real name), blogware may prevent me from using any of their services ever again? Not that I expect they will, but it's a bit mean to say it all the same.

  15. We've had a bit of bother recently from a debt collection agency because of unpaid bills from the people who lived in our house before us (not our debts, promise!)But last week, I dreamt that the agency sent us a cheque for 44,063 as an apology for all the bother! I'm hoping that one comes true 😀

  16. I dream about books that I'm halfway through reading and TV shows/movies… and I get a lot of the details right. Am I just good at guessing??

  17. Happened to me twice!!! I wasn't drunk but in both dreams I went to the toilet and started the normal actions… zip down, aim and then I was “woken up by a warm, wet feeling.” Once my girlfriend was in the bed too! Though we had rolled away from each other so it was ok.

  18. I woke up yesterday talking to someone about finances for the band I'm in… I managed to reel off figures and details of stuff, woke myself up talking, only to discover all the figures were right according to all my calculations…Let that be a lesson not to do finances before going to bed!

  19. Well, spending some time in the psych ward should probably discourage him from calling you guys for that again.They probably won't be happy, but it's really not the worse consult they could get.

  20. Sadly there is nothing I can do about the user agreement, it's a Blogware thing rather than something that I have dreamed up…

  21. Where I work, that patient would be taken to a 24 hour medical clinic.I explain to them that what they are feeling isn't really an emergency, and that it is inappropriate to take them to the ED. However, if they wish to see a doctor I am happy to take them to the clinic or, in business hours, their GP. Of course, they will have to pay the clinic (as well as paying for the ambulance). I then give them the option to reconsider whether they really need to see someone. If they reconsider, they're sane. If not, well, they probably do need help…

  22. Last week I had the worst dream I'd had in a long time; it involved my 33-month-old son. In the dream, he had developed some sort of severe behavioral problems (which weren't detailed in the dream), and it was decided that he was too smart to control. We had to DUMB HIM DOWN. So I mixed some kind of concoction designed to DAMAGE HIS BRAIN, which he happily drank and then went back to playing. Immediately after this, I started sobbing uncontrollably and screaming something along the lines of “Oh Christ please let this be a dream,” at which point I woke up and thanked Jesus rather profusely (my personal feelings regarding his existence and divinity set aside for the moment, plus I was still mostly asleep).Jeepers. That dream still haunts me, a week later.

  23. I had a recurring nightmare about Birmingham New Street station for two weeks when I was younger. In it, the train pulled into the track the far side of the one by the platform, so everyone had to jump from the platform to the train. Little kids were managing it, my mother managed it, even women with prams somehow managed to jump across the track easily. I was scared, but everyone was encouraging me, so I ran, and I jumped, and I landed on the track, only to be run over by an oncoming Virgin trains service. The really weird thing is, my best friend (who'd never been to Birmingham New Street before) had the same dream every night I did.Although it's not hard to have a nightmare about that station.

  24. As an alternative explanation of why it may have been categorised as chest pain, have a look at the second post down on this blog. If the caller stated he had a sense something bad was going to happen, the controller may well have used the same logic as the aforelinked blogger and taken it as a potential sign of a heart attack beginning.

  25. A strange thing happened while I was in college. Students allowed students to rent some old council flats due for eventual demolishion. A young woman was murdered in one of these flats. The paper reported that she was mentally unstable – the evidence being that she had been having repeated visions/dreams of being murdered.

  26. You know, that's a good post and very true…(And any crew seeing the words 'impending doom' will instantly flash back to training school – it's one of those phrases that sticks with you).

  27. I once dreamt I was the owner of a narrowboat and to get onto the said boat I had to jump down the sink plughole! I remember yelling to my Dad as I jumped down the plug and started sliding down the pipe (A bit like those aquapark rides) 'Just ignore the smell of bleach I bleached the sink earlier' Needless to say, no it hasn't comne true……..yet. But as I live in your 'patch' should you receive a call to a 'lady stuck in sink plughole' maybe you should forewarn that psychiatrist

  28. I dreamt that I was in my FRV during the snow and that I was sent to a Romanian lady in labour, pains 10 mins apart, no broken waters Lots of people in the house . and I asked; anyone here have a car? O ,yez me have one. says a chap. Good,I say, put her in that and take her to the unit yourself I am not a maternataxi!!Then I realize that I am not dreaming , but only a few months from retiring and I don't give a toss any more !! YEEEHAAA!!!

  29. I guess a common daydream of us old hands is to get issued with an Ak 47 or at least a baseball bat with a 6″ nail or two in it to sort out some of the “weekend knobs”

  30. “Impending doom” huh? As a pessimist, I must've been having a record-breaking 30+ year-long heart attack…Seriously, on the topic of wrongful callouts, a few days ago I rang NHS Direct to check for some basic info on an OTC antihistamine that I've used before – won't bore with the details, anyway suffice to say that throughout the initial screening call, and throughout the (quick and informative) chat with the nurse practitioner, I was asked if I had difficulty breathing NINE TIMES – yes, I noted them down, with you in mind!

    I suspected then, and still do, that had I ONCE said yes, I'd have had a big yellow taxi round my place before you can say “over-reaction”…?

    I'm not experienced in their field enough to know whether that's right or wrong, that they repeat the question so often, but it does make it very easy for someone to maybe think that their MILD difficulty IS worth mentioning, actually, since they're being so persistent: I'm sure there are psych studies somewhere that prove that people will give the answer they perceive their inquisitor wants to hear.

    My sinuses were inflamed and it felt like my whole nasal cavity was closing down for the day, giving what you could arguably call SOME difficulty breathing – only, hardly blue-light time, more a case for a hot cuppa and some nice posh tissues.

    Had I not had this a million times before, and had I not thought that it a bad idea to say yes… who knows. Could have been me you posted about: my ill-advised venture into spring cleaning sans mask gets transformed via the wonders of bureaucracy into yet another waste of EVERYBODY'S time.

    Made me wonder.

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