I'm on night shifts at the moment – all I want to do is curl up and die somewhere warm that is away from people that find themselves awake at three in the morning and who are so worried about a runny nose they have had for the past two weeks they decide that they need an ambulance now



I've decided to commit myself to a Podcast – just audio at the moment and very unpolished, not only because I'm no an expert in such things, but also because I have limited time and resources.

Rumours that I only did this after drinking a full bottle of wine are unfounded.

I will warn you – not only have I the face for radio, but I sadly don't actually have the voice for radio either.

To start with these podcasts will consist of a few minutes of me talking about whatever is on my mind followed by the complete reading (in episodes) of my first book. All coming in at around half an hour, which I think is a reasonable length. There are all sorts of things to be sorted out, like if I think a soundbed is a good idea or not – and if I want to do an enhanced iPod version.

When the second book is due to be released I'll read that as well. I'll record it as part of the copyediting process.

Please be aware I am obviously not a performer. Although with some luck I may get better with both practice and sobriety.

You can download the first episode from here – and if you are clever and have a podcast catcher, the RSS feed is here.


Ok, Monday's question is this – Who is your favourite band/type of music/musician and why? I ask because I like all sorts of music and can't put a find on why. I'd make an awful music journalist – not least because I'm not an elitist tosser, nor am I swayed by hype.

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  1. My favourite type of music is dance, because the bass sounds amazing on my Bose iPod dock. When I'm alone in the house I'll have it on full blast and the bass reverberates around the whole house. For this reason, Basshunter is my current favourite band.But my favourite band of all time is the Beach Boys, because most of their music is so upbeat and happy it never fails to put a smile on my face. And God Only Knows is the most beautiful spine-tinglingly amazing masterpiece I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.

  2. you really shouldn't do your voice down so hard, I actually found it quite soothing, and good (as an ex-pat) to listen to someone from my neck of the wood. Good stuff.A) I always thought that was impossible to answer too, until I discovered last.fm, and that tells me that my favourite artists are, in order, Tom Waits, Radiohead, The Wave Pictures, Sigur Ros, Bjork, PJ Harvey, The Knife and Malcom Middleton. As to why, well, not a freakin' idea, you see technology can only get you so far.

  3. I like the podcast – relaxed, conversational style and, of course, suitably jaded. Very easy on the ears. The hungry cat impersonation is uncanny, a fitting tribute to the dearly departed!Music – I like a wide variety too but mainly music more suited to sulky teenage boys – Green Day, Chillis, Terrorvision (“best band from Bradford starting with a T”). I think I like them because you can turn them up so loud you can't hear yourself think and are forced to forget your worries for a bit.

    Being tone deaf, I'm also drawn to a clever lyric and have done the predictably middle-aged thing of falling in love with Elbow, so much so “The Seldom Seen Kid” would be my desert island disc.

  4. have to agree with the music choices of the previous two posts, particularly sigur ros and elbow. elbow's new album “the seldom seen kid” is one of the most impressive albums in a long time. the lyrics were held up as a particular example of fine work by the mercury award panel, when the album won best album for 2008.other bands which i think are particularly amazing are Fleet Foxes “white winter hymnal” is an amazing single and the album is one of the most uplifting/thought provoking/magical albums ever. stunning acoustic guitars and other instruments. who would have thought that they'd make the top ten for album chart sales, gives me hope that the british public do have taste. if you want a more lively album to prance around to whilst doing mundane household chores then i am very impressed with the Futureheads latest album “this is not the world”, an amazing return to form after a disapointing second album, zane lowe is championing this and trying to get them back in some lime light, and its a much deserved cause, the album is full of catchy hooks and clever cutting lyrics with a great pace.

    rereading that i can see a fustrated music journalist in my nurses shadow……oh dear…. great to see the new energy that you are charging into the blog, its been a pleasure to read recently!!

  5. Just to prove that not all teenagers are uncultured yobs, my favourite musical delights are possibly Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring, Brahms piano quintet in F minor movement III, the 1812 overture (ily V for Vendetta!) and Prokovief's Troika from Lieutenant Kije. Although I'm rather partial to Muse, We Are Scientists, My Chemical Romance, and about half of the Pitchfork's Top 100 of 2008. Oh, and just rememebered – the Allegro from Brahms' Hungarian dances.

  6. Favourite band/musician and why?The why is the easy bit – I like bands/artists where there's a decent rhythm, catchy tune and you can actally hear the lyrics that are being sung (if it's a tune that has lyrics, that is). It means I have a fairly wide range of music that I like – classical, jazz, dance, pop, rock, chillout, comedy – all sorts!

    As for bands, I don't have one favourite, it really depends on my mood, so here's 10 from my Last FM “loved tracks” list:

    Breakthru – Queen

    Serpent Dream – Mike Oldfield

    Trashed – Skin

    Secret Messages – Electric Light Orchestra

    Destiny – Syntax

    Confusion the Waitress – Underworld

    Every Little Thing She Does is Magic – Sting & the Police

    Bottle Living – Dave Gahan

    Pocket Full of Kryptonite – Spin Doctors

    Le Pont Royal – Kyle Eastwood

  7. Well done on the podcast.I think that's more scary than standing on stage acting in front of a pile of people half of whom you know. Your radio voice is fine :0)

    Music? very eclectic. It's almost easier to say what i don't like. (C&W, Hip-hop, new RnB, most rap etc etc)

    Do love: Mike Oldfield esp TB and Discovery, Moody Blues (all), ELO esp Discovery, Madeleine Peyroux esp Dance me to the end of Love (a Cohen song), Stones esp. Paint It Black, Space's Tin Planet, Elbow's Seldom Seen Kid (BIG thumbs up to those who've already said), Fratelli's Costello Music, alot of folk/half folk inc. Moishe's Bagel, Chieftains;

    classical: Grieg's Peer Gynt suite, Shostakovich's Symph 5, Rim-Kors'., Scheherazade, Prokofiev's R&J and Lt. Kije, satie's Gymnopedies and Gnossiennes, Rodriguez's Concerto d'Aranjuez (orange juice), and the film score writings of John Barry esp from The Quiller Memorandum. Oh and Scott Joplin. Oh and Edith Piaf.

    Sorry – got carried away :~)

    Why? classical and Piaf due to listening to same as parents and the love grew sideways to other things.

    Oh dear – i forgot Sibelius' Finlandia and Karelia.

  8. Listening through the Blodcast (I like that word.) now.Blodcast n (bldkst): a podcast associated with a blog, commonly read by the author.Also, your voice is easy on the ears. I like it 🙂 I'm reading along.

  9. Am off to listen to the podcast shortly, but first my fave music:I am a rocker at heart with Guns N Roses (not the 21st century incarnation!), Def Leppard, Metallica, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams being up there at the top of my list. I too like Terrorvision, and was a massive fan of The Little Angels (before they spilt up 15 years ago!). Of the more “modern” stuff, I love The Killers and Green Day, and the not so headbanging Script (my absolute current faves!)

  10. When you said you don't have the voice for radio, I have to disagree; I rather enjoyed listening to your soothing tones! I'll be looking forward to the next installment 🙂

  11. pod cast good, very soothing.Music

    I really love enigma its a little naughty in places but can be quite placid for when I'm stuck in traffic. I do like clannad and enya but not as much as enigma.

    I am getting more into Arabic and world music its easy listening especially for long boring trips.

  12. Just finished listening to the podcast, its not bad. Don't worry about your voice – I'm sure everybody cringes at the sound of their own voice!!!On music – I'd have to say my favorite is Sinatra, but I will happily listen to most non-mainstream stuff. My least favorite stuff being about 90% of the UK top40

  13. Enjoyed the podcast – listened to it on the train to Brighton yesterday. Your voice sounds fine! Of course, now I'll be able to recognise you far more easily on the radio…

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