If I Only Had A Little More Time…

I have ideas. Terrible, dark, painful ideas.

But I'm not talking about those today. Instead I'm talking about the ideas that I have about doing things with the internet. It was as I was looking at some of my hosting providers I realised that I have a terrible habit of having a good idea, registering a URL and then utterly forgetting about it and/or just not having the time to do anything with it.

Here are some of the URLs that I own and short notes on what I wanted to do with them.




This was going to be a site where all the ambulance news in the UK would be posted up. I realised that I wasn't a news editor very early on in my blogging 'career' and so the sites have lay fallow.



I was thinking about running a UK 'Blogher' conference – a place for women who are active in the blogging/internet world to have a bloody good chat and learn from each other. I suspect I'll never have the time, or expertise, to sort this out. So I throw it open to anyone who is interested in doing this.




Heaven only knows – I got these URLs years ago – I suspect it was going to be some sort of blog scraping site – or maybe a groupblog.



My brilliant 'get rich quick' scheme – a 'one-stop-shop for purchasing blogger related items, if you wanted a Scaryduck t-shirt, you could come to this site and get one. I'm still trying to think about such 'accessory goods' for this site, it's a shame I don't have a logo that I can stick on mugs and then sell to my readers. Perhaps I should work on it…



It was going to be a weekly webcomic. Unfortunately it all fell through due to lack of time. However I am working on some new scripts which may see the light of day, perhaps under this URL. Ultimately I'd need an artist. Either that or throw them up under a Creative Commons license.



This was going to be a fan site/Podcast for the Warhammer:Age of Reckoning online game. Unfortunately Warcraft dragged me back with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. W:AR is a bloody good game though.



Another blog – it was going to be an 'encyclopaedia' detailing the 'small gods' of London, such as the God you pray to in order to find a parking spot, or the God that you give offerings to in order to avoid the attentions of the free-paper distributor on the street corner.




Aggregation site for people who blogged about their jobs.



Was going to be another aggregation site for… you guessed it, Podcasts related to health.





Three gaming/guild forum sites – one for City of Heroes, one for a Live Action Roleplay game and one for a guild I set up in World of Warcraft. Knightsofalbion and realheroesunion may still be active…



Aggregation site of Podcasts lasting less than five minutes. Hour long podcasts are fine, but sometimes you just want something to dip into.



Pretty much used for hosting images and the like for this site to avoid potential bandwidth issues – when I can be bothered I'll set up a redirect to this blog.



I was going to run a forum based off the website, something that never really happened, although there is an empty forum over here that I was going to run but then realised that there wasn't really a direction for it, so what would be the point.



Potential Podcast named for Stuff That Interests Me. Never even got off the ground.



Either a political activism blog, or a website for a Roleplaying game I was going to run. Think 'X-Files' crossed with 'Network'.



I think I was drunk at the time. Possibly related to Godsoflondon.com, only detailing the fictional miracle workers that live in cities. Think 'Neverwhere'. May have been a gaming resource. May have also been a way to link up the various 'Magikal' practitioners of London. Have a guess.





Not actually dead. The idea is to have a 90 second video podcast reviewing books/gadgets/technology/news as a way to present ideas in small chunks. After I stalled following a few example episodes I really should get working on it again. Especially now that I've found the power lead for my camcorder and read a book on Final Cut Express.



A site that would have encouraged people to document where CCTV cameras were placed. I still have the first post sitting in a folder on my computer somewhere along with the pictures of the 40 CCTV cameras I passed on the way to my local newsagent.



I was drunk at the time. I think I was watching 'I Am Legend'. Dunno. I'm so good at this internet stuff that I can arrange Domains after two bottles of wine. Just don't ask me why I arranged them.



Supposedly a blog of all the non-ambulance things that I fancy writing about. It would be updated more if I had a shade more free time. I think I may turn it into a pure short fiction site. Get me into practice for the potential 'Book Three'.



Another World of Warcraft gaming Guild site. But no-one joined so has sat there gathering dust. Nobody loves me. *Sob*.



The complete collection of all my writings, including Twitter updates. Mainly put in place for those who use RSS feeders that can't read the RSS feed on this site.



I may still get around to doing this – essentially it was going to be the homepage of the Twitter feed of transmissions sent supposedly from the future. Part apocalyptic, part war-story and part Utopian hope. All in under 140 characters at a time.



This site I really want to do. A cynical/ironic 'mock news' approach to encroaching technology. 'Campaigning' for universal databases and bar code tattoos in order to 'fight crime and terrorism' – in reality to allow the highly advanced AI computer system of the future to enslave mankind. The NHS database is a fine target for this. I'd love to still do this (in part because I think it's important), but… I think I need partners for this one.


As you can tell, I have the ideas but seldom follow up on them, partly because of a lack of time and partly because it's awful tricky doing these sorts of thins on your own. So, lets open this out for people – if there is anything you would like to give me a hand with, anything that you would like to take on yourself or anything that you think shouldn't be allowed to languish in the back of my mind while I grind reputation in world of Warcraft, please let me know. I'd especially like to take humansforskynet.com into an actual physical form, perhaps as a group-blog.

Of course, the big idea that I had that I know I haven't the technical skills to handle would be the Amazon-like site that lets you collate and download any e-book from the number of publishers that create such things. There are e-books out there that people can't find because they are on the individual publishers website or because the Waterstones e-book search is so awful it makes my eyes bleed.

But it's hard to do any of this when large chunks of my time at home away from work are devoted to recovering from the previous twelve hour shift. My sex drive sadly died last year for much the same reason, but I need to fight having my brain just turn to mush and drip out my ears.

Don't I?

18 thoughts on “If I Only Had A Little More Time…”

  1. I thought I was bad for collecting domain names, but you have way more!Some good ideas there, but sadly none that I can help you out with. I collect my domains largly down to the fact that my skills are not anywhere near as good as I think they are (and need for my 'projects')

  2. Tom,Like your style! So many domains! I've had a few over the years – most now defunct and forgotten…

    Anyway I really like the sound of humansforskynet.com – would be happy to contribute.

    Take a look at my writing at http://totallybloggedoff.blogspot.com/ and let me know if you think my 'style' would



  3. I wouldn't give offerings to a god to avoid the free paper vendors, but there must be some reason why they aren't all thumped, several times each day.I mean, I'm walking fast, avoiding eye-contact, with a bag in one hand and an umbrella in the other. How the hell do you expect me to take the paper you've just thrust into my path? With my teeth?

    Makes me think it's something Crowley would've come up with, in Good Omens, to wear away at the souls of Londoners in their millions.

  4. Hi,if you chose to pursue it I would be interested in having a go at doing the drawings for your comic strip – must emphasise that it's not something I have any experience in, and you would almost certainly be better off taking up any other offers you get – but I would like to see what I could do and helping someone else out would give me the motivation to get stuff done.


  5. If you're going to sell stuff on your site, how about a first aid kit? It could have a few aspirin, paracetamol, a few plasters and instructions written in huge letters about when NOT to call for an ambulance! In fact you could give them out as “consolation prizes” to idiots who call for you because they've stubbed their toe.

  6. Same here! I've actually just found a folder full of Nominet certificates for domains I registered a few years ago and promptly forgot about. Fortunately they're set to auto-renew, so they haven't turned into link farms yet ;-)In a classic case of the cobbler's children having no shoes, I have no website.

  7. Tom,How would one garner an invite to the Knights of Albion guild on WoW? I noted that you were short a 'lock, so I started one on the Elune realm.

  8. Like the sound of your 90second video reviews. You can always throw some of them up on http://current.com if you like and they might appear on telly :-)You should try getting in touch with BlogHer – when I went to it a couple of years ago they were trying to get a UK version up & running. Alternatively I know a number of bloggers who are chicks and I'll mention it to them. They may well be interested in the domain. Ta

  9. Best bet would be to go to the forum, see who is posting and search them out ingame (although I'm sure it's Earthen Ring only).I have nothing to do with them to be honest, and they may even have imploded.

  10. Wow….isn't it pretty expensive to keep up all these domains and not use them for anything? I'd have ditched them pretty quickly probably.

  11. godsoflondon- :_). You must just write something text based there.and humansforskynet. I d love to contribute. can y just make it a wiki? If y posted some of yr posts from this blog -eg yr recent data base one- that would set the tone, and we could run with it.

  12. Such is life…If you see a Gnome warlock named Awwwbugger on, that's me. I'm mostly playing my main on another realm though, only a level and a quarter to 80!

  13. humansforskynet.com sounds like a good idea; if you'd like to make that something concrete, and coherent, rather than opening it up to random blog posts/wiki-style contributions as suggested above, then we should maybe think about a collaboration with (one or more) literary/scifi magazines/sites…If you'd like me to test the water and see if any Futurefire.net contributors might be interested in joining in, I'll be happy to ask around. It sounds cool to me–so count me in, for one.



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