I don't often write about things that have happened to other crews, I think I've only done it the once – but I thought that you should hear about something that happened to two of my station mates a few nights ago.

They were heading to the hospital with a patient in the back when a young man ran into the middle of the road and laid down.

The ambulance stopped.

Then some broken bottle were thrown at the ambulance – the crew, on realising this, called for urgent police assistance.

The radio wasn't working properly so Control had difficulty hearing what they were saying. So the crew used their emergency phones, the phones that we have been given to call for help if we are being beaten up while away from the ambulance.

They didn't work either, apparently it is a software problem – road staff have not been informed about this problem.

While waiting they saw the same person throw more bottles at cars as they went past.

Finally they managed to get Control to understand what they were asking for and the police arrived.

Along with a sergeant that some of us think has a dislike of the ambulance service.

While taking the details of what happened (and holding the people who threw the bottle) the police didn't seem too interested as 'no damage has been caused'.

They also didn't care that one person was shouting abuse at the ambulance staff, why they were giving their statement.

No arrests were made and not even an apology was elicited from the bottle thrower.

All in all a nasty state of affairs – firstly that someone thinks that it is fun to throw a bottle at an ambulance, then the lines of communication seem to have broken down in what could be a critical way. Then the police appear to think that it is acceptable to throw bottles at ambulances, or if not, that there is no chance that it would go to court – even with a suspect that they 'know well'.

It's a real shame, because us and the police tend to get on exceptionally well, and I make note of this event only because it is so unusual. I'm wondering if there was an underlying reason behind the apparent lack of interest that night.

What I can admit that if it had been me that the bottle had been thrown at I wouldn't be sitting here typing this, I'd be in a police cell for giving some scumbag* a bloody good beating.

*Except, of course, he's probably poor, or an alcoholic, or a drug user, which would excuse his behaviour. There are no 'nasty people' anymore, just poor victims of socio-economics.


Your Monday question :- Quite simply the best track to listen to while blue lighting it to a job is Queen's 'Don't stop me now'; what other tracks that get your heart pumping would you recommend listening to when racing to a job?

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  1. OH! I thought that was just me!! “Don't stop me now” – there is no better. Apart from that, most Queen songs with some rythm to them will do.

  2. Oh, and by the way; if you need to keep the 100 cpr/min rythm, try humming “Staying alive” – it has just about the right speed

  3. Not to be harsh, but staying in a job like that where he might at some point cause a problem, in order to save face about moving in with his mum for a while does NOT equal having no choices – it just means he's putting his pride ahead of any kind of fulfilling life for himself.And that bit about being taken off the streets, for being too agressive? Well, I don't know the backstory, but that's not a very happy idea for anyone who's NOT his brother.

    For his sake and everyone else's a little pride swallowing may be in order… sorry if that sounds judgemental, but I've encountered the effects of people in positions of power and responsibility who hate their job, and therefore everyone they have to deal with… wasn't good.

  4. I've never thrown bottles at ambulances, but it sounds like tremendous fun.Best track to listen to while tearing through the traffic is Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

  5. You gotta play 'Joker and the Thief' by WolfmotherPeople like that are scum, if I was in power they'd all be sent to labour camps – to repay their debt to society, or die trying.

    The Russians had it right…..they just got a little carried away

  6. Aside from the usual “Lock em up and misplace the key” comments about such people.. (Who will be deeply upset if you are 30 seconds late after blue-lighting your way there to help with the “Artery” they damaged with the bottle…)Tried the top-gun movie album? Danger zone – Kenny Loggins, Destination unkown – Marietta

    Great music on the album, specially if you have a liking for 80s music

  7. Have driven blues and twos (police) and the only possible accompaniment was “Ride of the Valkyries”…except when the weather was like this morning, when it would be the Skaters' waltz!

  8. I'd be tempted to treat him as a temporary speed bump.What was the Leftfield track that they used for the “driving around Edinburgh” scenes in Shallow Grave?

  9. For me the music would be Jane's Addiction's “Hypersonic” – awesome track.Mind you, there's a number of Prodigy tracks that would work as well…As for the bottle-throwers, wouldn't it be fun to have a couple of bottles with piss in that you could throw back at the opportune moment. “Yes, officer – the one who threw it is the one who stinks of stale piss”.

  10. Twenty-five years ago, we would simply have arrested the bloke throwing the bottles for action likely to cause a breach of the peace.Nowadays if you say “look at what that person's doing” to a police officer, “it's simply unacceptable. If you don't do something about it, I will!” the police officer will likely arrest yourself, rather than the person whose behaviour is outwith the bounds of acceptablity. 🙁

  11. Hehe… I was thinking Prodigy's Smack My Bitch up, partly because it's a rocking good tune, but mainly because it's in such poor taste it's funny!Might also give you the incentive to start running over dickheads who lie in the middle of the road…

  12. Could be “Release the Dubs”, but it's been so long since I saw it…I too would have been tempted to just “not see” the person lying in the road. An easy mistake to make when you're being pelted with bottles.

  13. Anything from any of the Gran Turismo soundtracks.I don't drive, but am of an age where people who are driving a car which I am inside spent their late teens and early twenties honing their reactions on the Playstation. There are two friends in particular where if my iPod throws up, “As Heaven Is Wide” while they're driving, I have to skip track because it produces a Pavlovian response.

  14. For CPR, Stayin' Alive by the Beegees also works. Not the best thing to be humming while surrounded by onlookers though…And what would be stopping the crew for reporting the policeman in question? There was surely some law they were breaking, especially attacking an ambulance, and if he didn't even attempt something then he wasn't carrying out his duties properly.

  15. Best song to blue-light to… Well despite my complete lack of experience driving ambulances, my imagination tells me that an Iron Maiden track or two would be in order. Preference: Be Quick or Be Dead; or Wildest Dreams. The former has that delicious taste of irony to it.

  16. I once mortally offended an observer by playing Malcolm Middleton's “We're All Gonnae Die” at high volume on the way to a cardiac arrest.:)

  17. My brother has been a police officer for about 6 years now and he loathes his job. This means he hates everything about it, ambulances and their crews, the fire brigade, and most of the other police officers he knows. He has been put on day shifts and is no longer working on the street, because of his aggression towards people. He is depressed and went on prozac yesterday. He can't leave because there are no other jobs that offer him anywhere near the wage that he is on right now. If he leaves, he will have to give up his house, and I don't think at 30 he wants to move back in with mum. I have had many MANY arguments concerning his feelings towards paramedics, but I can understand why he hates his job. The management and the politics have gone awol. I wanted to mention this because it's not that they don't care, it's that some people hate the job and have no way out. Of course this means that some people just don't care anymore; I know it doesn't warrant their apathy towards your friends or indeed anyone else, but I can understand why.As for blue light tunes… I recommend Pendulum. 'Slam' and 'Fasten your Seatbelt' specifically, but they do take a little while to kick in.

  18. call me old fashoned but l still use Nellie the Elephant for CPR…..but not the captain sensible version…that wouldn't work

  19. Some very good points smoochie597. It will be harder for him to give up his job and the house than I made it seem. When I talked about the aggression, it's not physical aggression, it's more that he doesn't care anymore, and so tells people exactly how he feels (he is honest, and this is often perceived as aggression). As for him being taken off the street, that was as much his decision as his superiors, and there are far more reasons he can't go into a more suited job in the constabulary (all extremely controversial, mostly involving targets). I just wanted to offer a defence for officers that may be in a similar situation; I don't necessarily agree, but I do understand. I appreciate your view and I don't think you're being judgemental, I think I probably have too much sympathy. Of course I will be biased.

  20. Steppenwolf – “Born to be Wild”What got me about this story is that these idiots thought it would be “fun” or “funny” to pull this crap on an emergency vehicle (Ambo, Cops, Fire). Someone could have been in the back in dire need of A&E – dying because of their foolishness. Had it been a police car – someone could have been being beaten, raped or worse. A family could have lost their home if the firemen hadn't been able to get through.

    T'is a shame they didn't get arrested – and the newspapers alerted.

  21. Throwing bottles at Ambulances is surely a new low? It's mainly the poor old Fire Brigade hereabouts …. and I always wanted to read that they'd got pissed off enough to turn the hoses on the little gits.Best driving tune? I'd go for the William Tell overture (other wise known as the theme to the Lone Ranger)

  22. I also use Nellie the Elephant for CPR, the Monty Python one also works, the one that goes de-de-de-de-de-de-de-dede-de-de-de-de-de-de (can't remember what its from!). re: driving to a call, what about Bon Jovi 'Livin on a Prayer'? Especially, the line that goes…'whoa…we're halfway there…' – very appropriate I would have said!!

  23. on the other hand, what about the Truck Drivin' Song by Weird Al Yankovich, not sure about the high heels and painted nails bit though Tom – I could be wrong though!! Far be it from me to suggest what paramedics get up to on their weekends off… 🙂

  24. Maybe not quite right in terms of aptness of lyrics, but definitely right in terms of getting you amped: Ace of Spades by Motorhead

  25. Behaviour like that makes me want to scream and shout and swear. I'll be very restrained though and instead just say, 'tossers!'Here are a few songs you could play when running on blues and twos:

    Hearts and Bones – Paul Simon

    Can't Stop Now – Keane

    Right on Time – Eric Bibb

    Driving in my Car – Madness

    I think an appropriate song for me when I'm having an asthma attack is ' You Take My Breath Away'. Was that from Top Gun?

  26. I'm thinking Queen's “Driven by You”.One hopes the bottle thrower was seriously wasted. It's not an excuse but might be an explanation.

  27. Hmmm, interesting the people who suggested tracks which feature hard basslines and should get drivers 'amped'.Maybe they would also suggest fitting 8″ exhausts, 42″ alloy wheels to the ambulances, lowering the suspension and putting a large sticker on the back from a well known audio specialist.

    Nothing like creating a bit of red mist then…

  28. For infusing positive energy I'd recommend Mud's “Tiger Feet”. Not aggressive, just fast and motivating. You may need to ask your Mum about this one as it is not very contemporary – but in other ways it's timeless.

  29. I can't see “Fat Bottomed Girls” going down too well either, especially if the patient is overweight.Or “I Want to Ride my Bycycle” to an RTA, either…

  30. the one that goes de-de-de-de-de-de-de-dede-de-de-de-de-de-de

    …I'm sorry, but as someone who's spent two miserable snowy days dealing with grumpy classical musicians (yes, your concert is still going ahead, get in the car and get over it) that's the funniest line I've heard this month. Thank you! (And it's the Liberty Bell March, btw)

  31. Don't Stop Me Now is awesome, Headlong isn't too bad for Blues and Twos either. Others that work:Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf

    When I Grow Up – Garbage

    Flash Gordon Theme – Queen

    And if you want to go for themed music, either The Drugs Song or Paracetomoxyfrusebendroneomycin by Amateur Transplants are good when they get going.

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