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Some people have pointed out to me that the 'Contact Me' link just redirects back to the main site. There should be a quick fix in the next three hours or so, basically what happened was that I own the Domain Randomreality.org – at the moment it is used to store the 'Contact Me' page and the image that normally appears at the top of the page.

When I went to the PR conference two days ago I noticed that they had my blog's address as randomreality.org, not the actual working domain.

To be honest I forgot that I hosted my images and contact page on this domain so I quickly set up a domain redirect so that if you typed randomreality.org into your browser address bar you'd be directed automatically to here. Unfortunately this had the effect of breaking the links to the images and contact page.

I've (hopefully) quickfixed it back, but when I have more time I'l have to put in a more permanent fix. While I'm at it I my brush up on my design skills (*ahem*) and have a look under the hood to see what might be improved here.

But before then, I have a manuscript to edit – so all distraction are being turned off.

2 thoughts on “Missing Images”

  1. Hi, My name is Claire, I am quite new at this blooging lark, just want to say read the first blood sweat & tea, now on the new one its fab, was going to save it for Egypt in 10 days time, but could not resist!!.Keep up the good work Tom, and hopefully one day our paths might cross.

    A dedicated Fan for sure x

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