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I often talk about 'My Patch', the bit of London that I find it normal to work on. I can find myself all over London sometimes (which can be quite nice sometimes after all, who doesn't like being a tourist), but most of the time I find myself in the same geographical area.

What should hopefully be embedded below is a short film from Urban Earth, created by stitching together photographs taken every eight steps.

My 'patch' runs from 1:15 in the film up to around 3:35. It looks nicer than it does normally because they take the Greenway and part of the Hertford Union Canal, both rather pleasant walks. However it does give you a bit of an idea of the variation of ground that I cover.

Found On Diamond Geezer's Link hoard.

11 thoughts on “My Patch”

  1. Totally OT, but Mad Asthmatic (Emma) read this blog and I don't know if anyone told you, but she died on Saturday of a heart attack, she dialled 999 but by the time they arrived she was gone…I'm sorry you had to find out through a comment, but I couldn't find an e-mail address.

  2. Very different to my enviroment !! thank heavens ! I can see why you get low at times ! I am so lucky where i live ! Have you given up on flikr ? Very sincere condolences to Joey regarding Emma.

  3. Epic video! Rather awesome really, though it does move at a slightly nauseous pace!All those streets with near-identical houses though! And I bet most of them are badly numbered, if they're numbered at all – nightmare!

  4. Cool, they nearly went past my house. Saw it wizz down Ham Park Road, then Vicarage Road, cross Vicarage Lane, into Shirley Road, then along Whalebone Lane alongside The Rec, sorry, Stratford Park. Looks totally different when seen from a camera.

  5. CoolThat's quite a huge area to cover and to know relatively well.

    Coming from the SW of England I tend to forget London is so big especially as I use the underground / DLR so much to get around.

    I didn't realise there was so many bits of green in East London.

  6. Very good. It does raise the question though, what is the difference between Google Earth and Tom Reynolds? Google Earth doesn't seem to mind going south of the river 🙂

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