I have no internet connection at home. While I love the iPhone I can't really write out a long post on it's touch keyboard.

I can read comments though.

I've been thinking about a new thing where I ask you a question every Monday – an audience participation type thing.

So this is the first one.

'I have a freckle on my belly that if I scratch it makes my right elbow feel really strange – what weird things have you discovered about your body?'

And while you answer that I shall no doubt be shouting at Virgin media…

UPDATE: I now have my internet back and there was no need to shout at the Virgin helpdesk as the man that dealt with me was both knowledgeable and very, very helpful – I know that Virgin aren't the best loved ISP but this individual was a shining example of what helpdesk services should be. For those that are interested, for some unknown reason my UPnP on my router stopped working.

52 thoughts on “Stranded”

  1. I have a scar on the right side of my head that, if I scratch it, causes another itch on the back of my neck. It's hard to demonstrate to people πŸ™‚

  2. I can crack my big toe, the toe next to it and when I'm feeling particularly saucy I can crack the joint between my 4th and 5th metatarsals! I think that puts me in the lead for the foot clicking game.However, I thought that this game was “This is an interesting thing I've found – what would be your reason for its cause?” type thing…

  3. If I scratch my forehead on the right side I sneeze ! What a simple and easy to please lot we are judging by all the comments on this post ! Thanks for the continued entertainment Reynolds !

  4. I'm going for gold!!1) If I rotate my ankles they click rather loudly. I can do it as much as I want as long as I'm not wearing boots.

    2) The sensation of brushing my teeth cause a gag reflex in me.

    3) I sometimes hold my breath without realizing it.

    4) In high school I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil and the end broke off but I only managed to get some of the graphite out. It rarely causes me any bother but you can see a little bit of it under the skin.

    5) I sometimes forget if I'm wearing my glasses.

    6) I have a compulsion to climb up things but I suffer from vertigo.

    And finally

    7) Loads of people I meet think I'm French until I tell them I'm not. I doubt this one counts….

  5. It is possible to develop food allergies practically over night. I did, and now have anaphylactic reactions to food colourings and almost all preservatives, including some natural ones, such as benzoates and nitrites/nitrates found in bananas, peas and mint. I've always had some allergies, but nothing like those I have now. If you're starting to get oral symptoms of allergy, don't push it.

  6. I can bend my left elbow outwards, I can crack all my fingers and there's a little patch on my left arm that if you scratch it gently makes the whole top bit of the arm feel all weird and numb.

  7. my skin does not react to fiber content (i.e., wool vs. cotton) as it reacts to texture. those little froufrou yarns with spangles & baby yarn with the frizzies may be an artificail fiber, but my skin reacts to them as it does to wool/alapca fiber-frizzies–i break out into what looks like a vicious hicky which lasts for a week!. i also react to artificial christmas trees—but not real ones.

  8. So what you're saying is that Virgin CS just got you to reboot your router? ;)1. Eating really hot chilli makes me start to hiccup almost immediately.

    2. “Brain freezes” from cold food/drinks only ever makes my right eye hurt. Agony, but only ever the right eye.

  9. Im allergic to anti histamine. Oh the irony!and before i had my top ribs taken out i used to be able to stop the pulse in my arm by just raising it to shoulder height

  10. I have to wear my watch on my right wrist, because if I wear it on the left it presses on some nerve that makes my hand feel cold and wet.

  11. I have a little bump in my left wrist from where I fell off a skateboard a few years ago and chipped the bone. The bump is apparently the bit that chipped off. NICE.

  12. I think I've got some sort of lactose intollerance.Cheese sandwiches, and only cheese sandwiches give me exceptionally bad gas. No other dairy products have this effect. It's my secret super power – Eric has a banana and becomes Bananaman, I have a cheese sandwich and we don't need to import from Russia…

  13. I am paraplegic – I have lower leg paralysis following an industrial accident thirty-odd years ago. two or three “oddities” arise out of this.One. If I touch the front of my right thigh I also feel it on the inside of my right ankle. I can't feel my ankle usually.. Clothes rubbing on my thigh don't create the effect.

    Two. If anyone touches the my left foot I feel physically sick..

    Three. My toenails only grow on one foot at a time.

    Four. Only my missus knows how to make my toes move…

  14. my left elbow normally works fine but if i've been holding something (not necessarily really heavy) in the same position for a while, eg. shopping bag/baby/rubbish bag, then when i try to put it down my elbow locks halfway there and i can't move it. not normally a big problem as i generally can drop whatever it is and as soon as the weight has gone my elbow will straighten but when carrying a 33/40 wk tiny baby as us neonatal nurses tend to and trying to put it back in its incubtor, it can be a bit of an issue! : S generally a cry of 'err, will someone put the baby back please?' sorts us out tho. : )

  15. I sneeze three times when suddenly exposed to very bright light. It's most noticeable when I step outside from a dim room to a glorious sunlit day, but it sometimes happens indoors too. Thankfully camera-flashes don't do it.Oh, and when I have a migraine, I usually can smell burnt toast. It took ages before I figured out that the smell was a hallucination just like the more standard symptom of visual effects.

  16. I have really bad hearing in my right ear, so if I don't want to listen to what someone is saying I just make sure they're standing on my right hand side. Ta daa, can't hear a bloody word and nobody realises! ;DAlso, if I hold my breath, my heart skips a beat.

  17. I sneeze when suddenly exposed to bright light too. It's worse in summer but it's not hayfever because it happens in winter too.Also, I can touch my palm with my pinkie with my left hand but I just can't do it with my right hand. I stretched a tendon in a sofa jumping accident when I was little. I bent my right pinkie back about 90 degrees! I was in agony.

  18. Tangerines and clementines give me hives on my scalp … agony and a real kick in the teeth because I love them! Bigger oranges don't do it though and neither does orange juice.

  19. I have many oddly-linked spots like that. I think it has something to do with the route of nerve impulses. It's the only thing that makes me think acupuncture might not be a load of hooey.Also, peaches, apricots and nectarines make my throat turn red and my gums itch. This only started a few years ago, and I love peaches so it's a shame. It's only a mild reaction, but if it's possible to develop a food allergy overnight, I don't want to risk anaphalactic shock for the sake of a peach cobbler.

  20. My ear lobes are asymmetric. On one side the lobe is attached all the way down; on the other side it hangs free.

  21. ive got odd ones..i cant sleep till i pop both of my big toes and anklesafter driving even short periods my knees will pop whenever i walk for an hour…same for anklesi have actually scared my primary care doc. with the psoriasis on my stomach and back..*its not that bad it looks exactly like rubella though*

  22. Sorry to lower the tone, but if anyone, (usually the Grouch!) touches my coccyx I empty my bladder – so far that quirk only comes in useful when I have cyctitis.@aby666 – have heard that's possible – so do you have any other allergies?

  23. I have a strange face. I can wink, curl my top lip and lift my eyebrow on the left hand side but the right hand side is totally immobile unless used in conjunction with the left. So normally everything works until i try to use the right side on its own then i feel like i've had a stroke!!

  24. Of the many things wrong with me everything (except my asthma and hay fever) is either worse on my right hand side or only on my right hand side. The list includes vision, hearing, dodgy elbow, weak joints down the leg and nose bleeds. For some reason when I get a rash from hay fever it's always on my left wrist. Now my right elbow – tap it (even very lightly) in just the right place and I get pins and needles down my whole arm for about 10 minutes, yet hit it anywhere else and it's fine.

  25. Forgot my ingrowing toe nails – they've always been worse on my right foot. (3 killed nails compared to 1 on my left foot).

  26. That explains why my boyfriend tells me to look at a bright light when I need to sneeze but can't! Doesn't work for me though.

  27. 17 to 35 percent of humans… guess it doesn't really count as “weird” then. And if it's a nerve-malfunction thing then it fits with a shedload of other stuff. Every day's a schoolday!

  28. I have a freckle on my side that makes my arm feel tingly if I scratch it.I am capable of making any and every joint in my body crack constantly, although I try not to as I'm sure it's not good!I don't like anyone touching my neck or back as it gives my goosebumps all over.

  29. SimilarI can subluxate almost every major joint in my body (fingers, shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, ankles, toes).

    Most of my joints pop when moving.

    My knees lock backwards (I can stand for hours)

    I sometimes forget to breathe, and then get runs of palpitations for the next few hours.

  30. Im also allergic to ibuprofen but otherwise im not to bad with other medication. Although when i had the ribs taken out as i was on a shed load of medication for it over a long period of time i would break out in random rashes – the weirdest being one day ay work my top lip swelled up – it was a half a trout pout look!!!!and when i had to call an ambulance out because of an allergic reaction to something dec 2007 – i only called it because i started getting swellings in my mouth and throat, although not anaphlaxsis and was having problems breathing. when i told the crew i was allergic to anti histamine, the only thing they had to give me they thought it was a very odd allergy. instead if i have another major allergic reaction to something i have to take a huge dose of steriods instead.

  31. When I kick my big toe (on either foot) I get a pain in my inner thigh. It looks quite weird that I stumble around grabbing at the inner thigh whilst trying not to hurt the stubbed toe!

  32. Thought that, I'm also allergic to temperature change.Only from cold to hot (not hot to cold) brings me out in hive's. Means I cant have a meal & a cuppa during winter at the same time as it's to much of an internal temp rise.

    Also you try explaining that to mate's as the reason you wont get the 1st round in at the pub as you don't want come out in a rash from standing in a crowd at the bar! lol

  33. OK – this has freaked me out as I think you must be my long-lost twin brother.1. Ditto – but knees, not ankles (it was great fun against the science benches at school)

    2. Ditto

    3. Ditto

    4. Ditto

    5. Ditto

    6. No vertigo, so am happy to climb, but I also get an urge to jump!

    7. Australian in my case

  34. I sneeze when i put my contact lenses in… not good as i usually end up poking myself in the eye!I can't watch someone cleaning their teeth without vomiting.

    AND, if i poke the side of my right foot, my left wrist hurts!

  35. I have a very strange nose:I get a runny nose whenever I eat something warm.

    Im also of the sneezing in bright light type πŸ™‚

    I can close my nose completely with some face muscles.

    And there is a secret spot on my nose that turns me on when touched…

  36. Just curious to know whether, if ORCON timing has been started, the “call to our Clinical Telephone Advice desk” cancel/ssuspends it; or does the clock still tick?

  37. Is it all antihistamines? It could be something in the tablet other than the active ingredient that you're allergic to, e.g. colouring.

  38. Since hurting my leg when I came off my bike on an icy road, I have a numb patch on my ankle. If I scratch it, it makes my two smallest toes tingle.I sometimes get a sudden stabbing pain in one tiny area on my back, as though there's something digging in, yet there is no injury or anything visible. Scratching/poking at it doesn't help, but it does go away after a minute.

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