Getting High On Someone Else’s Supply

I am a known lightweight when it comes to laughing gas.

The evidence…

Ripped to the tits.JPG

So, when you are a patient in my ambulance it really isn't in your best interest to breath this painkilling and euphoric gas so hard and fast that the majority of it is blowing out your nose.

Into the cab.

Where I am.

Because if you do, I will be getting high like yourself – and feeling sick…

(Currently struggling with a post that is resisting being beaten into shape and tackling statistical analysis for another, as yet unwritten, post).

21 thoughts on “Getting High On Someone Else’s Supply”

  1. Sorry, luv, but you should know that Nitrous Oxide is one of the gases that produce the so called GREENHOUSE EFFECT.Take this one for example:

    There are loads of sources in the internet !!!

    Nitrous Oxide isn't only used in your sweet, little, blue Entonox bottles (as we all know) – it's got various sources and it is NOT good for the environment !!

    Additional to that I still don't think it looks (or sounds) very professional to let a patient in pain suck on such a thing.

    If someone REALLY needs an analgetic, give them something proper like Ketamin (as we do in Germany) or Morphine.

    For a bellyache for example a patient in Switzerland would get anything but not morphine or ENTONOX. I know you've got an EMS without emergency doctors coming out for “every tummy ache” (the system in Germany e.g. is a bit different and paramedics are not aloud to give ANY drugs without a doctor) but you should be able to manage someone in pain without getting them “high” and “stoned” on gas, that's such an ancient method of pain management.

    As for women in labour, in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and probably the rest of Europe the ladies have only got the choice between a natural birth and an epidural. (C-sektion only in Emergencies, it is not the patient's choice). And we don't get fewer pregnant females because of that, it still works and has worked for thousands of years.

    I really think it is one of those things where the UK wants to stay “unique” again and go against the rest of Europe.

    Entonox is a “kiddie-drug” and many reports lack of evidence of its benefits.

    Everyone likes being “high” so it's easy to “forget” a pain that was hardly there to start with, 3 pints of Lager would have the same effect.

    I remember my friend (who suffers from a polycystic ovary) sucking on that stuff for the whole 4 hours in A&E (and obviously on the way there as well) and she talked nonsense all the way through. She had pins and needles for TWO weeks afterwards and the B12 deficiency is scientifically proven, even with small amounts of the gas (google it if you don't believe me but don't take UK websites as obviously, the English BOC wants to keep making profits with the stuff).

  2. That's true (regarding the greenhouse gases) but again, it is mainly ENGLAND who are so bad at looking after the environment, other countries like Holland or Germany are much better at stopping those things and doing something for the environment.Did you know that in Germany people have been having to pay for their shopping bags in supermarkets for more than 10 years?? England is JUST ABOUT to introduce that NOW (which is very poor).

    A few years back the German gouvernment decided to put a deposit on every plastic bottle (on glas bottles as well but that's been there for decades), which means you have to return them to get your deposit back. Then they're recycled.

    Seperating waste?? France or Germany have had it 15 years earlier and it is much more effective there as well.

    The UK has got to learn a lot about efficiency and environmental protection, it is way beyond a 21st century standard – unfortunately.

  3. After reading the book, (great btw) I thought I would take a look here. Nice pic, good to see ambulance crews having fun for a change.

  4. Since this would impair your functions, could you be deemed to be unfit for duty? Imagine if this reached the driver. Pulled over for driving in an erratic manner. Acting like a (happy) drunk and passing a breath test.There's one for the statute books.Incidentally, it certainly would be an alternative to helium at parties.

  5. Haha I carry entonox in the boot of my car as I'm a community midwife and all my friends are always on at me to get it out at parties. Never have done though! Never even tried it myself actually (cos it owuld be just my luck that I'd have some kind of reaction to it, or fall over and injure myself and end up getting in trouble for random use of entonox!)

  6. Wouldn't the world be a cheery place if Victoria Wine had a buy one get one free on entonox for the month of January brighten the place up a treat.My man made a complete fool of himself taking a 'fell runners lung full' (i.e very large) of the stuff at my antenatal classes and rolling round on the floor consumed with giggles.

    I will always owe a deep debt of gratitude to the men with the 'gas and air' (and I'm sure the paramedic will have forgiven me for the haste in which I snatched the mouth piece out of his hand; I only had time for a couple of slurps, boy were they good!

  7. NO2 was a 'recreational drug' well before its therapuetic effects were recognised; – has a wonderful 'Cruikshank' drawing of a 'laughing gas party' c1840, which might well be a Club in Anytown this weekend at 2am.The spoilsports at the (UK) 'Medicines and Health-care products Regulatory Agency' point out that supplying nitrous oxide for non-medical inhalation is an offence – but you can legally buy it for making foamed cream for catering purposes…

  8. Look forward to hearing what the giggle gas has to say ! happy memories of your bad knee ! it must be better by now !

  9. Entonox is nothing else but LAUGHING GAS PLUS OXYGEN, GAS 'N AIR, 50% Nitrous Oxide (N2O) plus 50% Oxygen) and it was discovered over 200 years ago – has been used as an analgetic (=pain relief) for ages ….People dont know that strictly spoken it DOES NOT make you laugh (really), IT IS EUPHORIA, the extrem feeling of “happiness” that gets people to laugh plus the experience (halluzinations via sound and images).

    Only in the UK it is used on EVERY frontline Emergency Ambulance and in EVERY maternity department.

    In Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Holland for example it was taken off the market decades ago !!! Because of two reasons:

    It is scientifically proven that it can damage blood cells and deprive the body of Vitamin B12 and while it was used as an anasthetic during operations (e.g. at the dentist) people did die due to complications in the CO2/oxygen balance.

    Last but not least England (UK) is absolutely crap at looking after the environment!!

    In Germany for example ENTONOX is NOT used by any medical institution (neither ambulance services nor maternity units). It is forbidden, among other things because nitrous oxide is partly responsible for the GREENHOUSE EFFEKT !!!

    In Germany, Switzerland or Austria no woman in labour will be offered ENTONOX…. Partly because of the reasons above, partly because there are more effective analgetics AND the experience BIRTH should be kept “natural” and doesn't need to be experienced stoned and high on GAS, it is simply primitive and to be honest: it doesnt look professional, does it!!!

    I know paramedics in England think it is great stuff but as a matter of fact, it is antique, primitive “giggle gas” that is only used by “pseudo”-junkies and teenagers at the 15th birthday (the same kind of kiddies that think inhaling helium is funny),

    Didnt know you were an Entonox-junkie though 🙂 I'm shocked…..

  10. Btw and while you're at it you could write a post about those patients who feign illness, i.e. pain, to obtain Entonox and/or morphine cos I am fed up with them (they tend to haunt me I guess). I'll never forget that 22 stone guy who tried to convince me and my crewmate that he suffered from sickle cell disease (yeah, right), except he was white, Irish and aparently “caught the virus” while visiting his uncle in South Africa.After that job one could have thought WE had been consuming Entonox as we couldn't stop laughing for an hour or so *lol*

  11. Citation please.(As far as I can remember the B12 deficiency is only caused by long term use of Entonox)

    I'm curious how a mixture of Nitrogen and oxygen can lead to the greenhouse effect…

    So please, point me at the evidence of what you are saying as being fact so that I can change my mind.

  12. blimey Reynolds i am sorry i called it giggle gas ! but i forgot how to spell laugh for a minute ! must be the greenhouse effect !

  13. Yeah, I can remember a few parties where we got balloons full of that stuff – out of cream charges – yummy yummy but the “high” only lasts a few minutes and it can make you feel sick (plus headache) so I didnt like it that muchYou are offered balloons like that (filled with N2O) at every musical festival as well btw but 3 pounds per balloon is a LITTLE expensive

  14. All well and good, but am told that in France one has a choice of natural, epidural or C-section – loads of us economic migrants go back to UK for childbirth. The Hospital laundry and incinerators produce far more greenhouse gas than NO, but I haven't noticed those activities being stopped for environmental reasons ….oh, wait a minute, maybe that's why C diff & mrsa are on the rise?

  15. As someone who is pregnant right now I am horrified that you think telling a woman it's nothing or an epidural is *better*. Are you completely unaware of all the risks associated with epidurals?? Do you honestly think an hour of Entenox is actually more dangerous? My daughter was born at home (which, check the research, is safer for low risk pregnancies) with the judicious use of “gas'n'air”. I can't believe you are trying to tell us that I would have been better off transfering to hospital for an epidural!! You need to do some more reading.And I wasn't stoned when she was born, the effect wore off very quickly, and I didn't need the relief by the time I got to that phase.

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