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Talk about teamwork: The First Responders-H bring pack pride to Lightning's Edge (US) in a big way. This two-and-a-half-year-old, multi-game clan had cleared most of Black Temple prior to Wrath's launch, is digging into Naxxramas with a vengeance and, beyond WoW, maintains a well known and successful XBox team.

Their tactics: military precision – literally. The First Responders are primarily firefighters, medics, police officers and military personnel. The guild accepts civilians on a case-by-case basis, emphasizing common attitudes about teamwork rather than the usual min/maxing or gear focus of other guilds. While their nontraditional schedules may dampen progression speed, it certainly doesn't dampen their enthusiasm or guild pride.

From the always entertaining WowInsider

I wish that there was an EU equivalent, preferably Alliance though…

I have two 'friends' on my Xbox – and one of them is my brother, perhaps I'm just not that social.

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  1. This is kid has just done mock gcses which means he/shes wot, 14? Dont think bullying under the guise of 'its all part of the job' is very nice. Actually its bollocks. ..Theres no reason why you wont one day be a paramedic okay, probably shoving a tube down the throat of some guy who wont be whinging to you about txt speak! The least of his worries! : ) i like txt spk wen im doin quik blgs 2!

  2. We don't have anything like this on my server – though I would really enjoy that but I did see some characters who called themselves after psychiatric drugs – ie mirtazepine and seroxat!!

  3. i know this has nothing to do with ure post and i apologise but im coming up to picking my higher/alevels and am a little concerned about my maths. After recentlly completeing a set of mock GCSE's i recieved 1's/a's in everything except my maths i only just … and i mean just scraped a 2! I know different emploers vary but what would happen if i failed my maths either at higher level or standard grade…would i still be accepted as a paramedic? This job means more to me than anything in the world.. which after all the abuse uve mentioned in ure book tom i bet u thin im mad but i do! If anyone could reply even just a little help about what sort of grades etc to aim for i would be so gratefull!!

  4. I'm also looking at going to Uni to do a medic course.

    Was looking at this one here. The entry requirements are just 5 GCSE A – C Grade. So even if you 'only' get a 2/B you should be fine.

    I say 'only' cause I would be shocked if I had got such a decent grade.

    Anyway mate. Even if you do get that B, and then go onto A Levels I'm pretty sure you should be fine to get into the job.

  5. Uhm, I'd work on your English a bit. There's a *lot* of paperwork involved, and txtspk isn't going to cut it.Before anyone trots out the “Oh but how do you know they're not dyslexic”, I should point out that I'm very severely dyslexic, I just take the time to check my spelling and punctuation 😉

  6. i'd join a guild you were in…i used to be in the coastguard. not sure if i count of not! but it shouldn't be too hard to start one up…

  7. Thats the one prob with wow guilds, that sort of teamwork is rare, its all get gear and raid raid raid.I play primarily for the friends i have in game, and it is a good game not withstanding the raid hogsDo you have a DK tom?

  8. are you talking about my english? or “Jamie T's”? Because if you are talking about my post, and please dont get offended if youre not talking about mine and ive just read this wrong, but i did say i got a 1/A in my english exam and whenever i right something online on something unformal like a blog or bebo etc i dont really spend a lot of time perfecting my writting!

  9. Thanks for all your help! The job means a lot to me and no-one has ever actually been able to explain anything like what grades i need etc so i apreciate it.

  10. I was only asking what grades I needed in order to become a paramedic i cant see why you felt the need to correct a 14 year olds spelling when clearly i am acheiving A's in my English exams. I was only asking a genuine question not sitting an English exam and to be honest i am quite hurt!

  11. Is there such a word as unformal? I thought it was informal but then l dont have 1/A in English just a C at GCSE….ps..taking a bit of ribbing is very much a part of the job.

  12. i know it is i just wasn't expecting such a simple question to turn into such a drama. How come no-body eles ever gets picked up on all their spelling mistakes? so thnku for all ure “helpful” comments!

  13. OK, practical advice. A patient report form is a legal document and needs to be as legible as possible. You may only have a few minutes to write your observations down. I know that you know the difference between text speak and formal writing but it is worth getting into the habit of writing correctly and especially when asking for advice. Secondly, keep reading this blog and if there are things you don't understand then do ask. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience on here of the job as it actually is. Finally, although at the moment the academic requirements are GCSE's, that may change, so try and achieve the best results that you can. Don't give up on your goal and you will get there. Good luck.

  14. Here's a note for 'paramedic to be', I was 13yrs old when I decided I wanted a career in the Ambulance Service & I wouldn't class myself as an academic but more 'hands on'. I finally achieved my goal of being a paramedic (at the ripe old age of 31yrs!!) so stick with your goals & find the determination to make it. It might help to get out there & do some voluntary work with people of all ages/abilities as you need to develop some decent communication/people skills. Good luck!! :0)

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